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This is just a fictional setting for my Original Characters. I am not predicting any of this will happen. I just think it would be interesting drama if it did.


The setting of the story is a postwar, future Tokyo that still bears the scars of war. A slightly futuristic post-war japan with a dash of the super-natural. The year is 2100 AD. The country lays in ruins after the civil war and invasion but its communication systems remain intact. The Chinese occupation forces have brought back order for the last fifteen years and have allowed the Japanese authorities to manage domestic policy for the last five years as the occupation winds down.

The man in charge of Japan’s communication systems and working in-line with the Japanese government to maintain the peace is Shelling Ford, a big tech trillionaire who escaped to Japan during the race war and Mexican invasion of California twenty years ago. Shelling Ford has been involved with solving various high profile crimes and together with the Prosecutor’s Office has made sure to fabricate evidence against those threatening the peace through his total control of the internet in Japan allowing him to censor harmful facts, promote and astroturf approved opinions as organic and point the Prosecutor’s Office to problematic elements which agitate for social disharmony so that they might be prosecuted in courts with a conviction rate of over 98%. Reductions in punishments would be provided in exchange for tearful, cringing public live-streamed confessions and apologies. Seventy-seven re-education camps were also set-up during the Chinese occupation though these were now taken over by the Japanese authorities and run by the Security Bureau which jostles for dominance with the Prosecutor’s office and Shelling Ford.

Nanjou Sachi is a former inmate from one of these re-educational facilities who was sent there for drawing a pro-Taiwanese cartoon but now was quietly released by the Japanese authorities who though they were pro-China, they were more interested in using the re-educaton camps for those against the Japanese government. In particular Sachi was let out because she is a young woman. Despite the immigration and the war this did not eliminate the low birth-rate issue, and now one of the government’s goals was to solve it while also not falling into the trap the Chinese authorities had fallen into by forcing people to have so many children that many turned into orphans and criminals as their parents did not wish to look after them and saw no use in them.

Stefan Keys, a British Japanophile and private investigator is smuggled to Tokyo and moved into the same bombed out flat as Nanjou Sachi. From his bombed out apartment Stefan Keys runs an image board where people are allowed to post anonymously or to tripfag.


2076 The Japanese government embarks on a mass immigration project leading to a civil war.

2080 The Japanese government is taken over by a far-right popular faction which deports all immigrants.

2085 – 2095 China invades the Japanese islands under the pretext of protecting Chinese and Korean immigrants in Japan from Japanese xenophobia. The invasion starts with a pearl-harbour style sneaky attack on the Japanese fleet which was in Okinawa now that the Americans were no longer there.

2100 The far-right faction is over-thrown and replaced with a pro-Chinese faction installed by the Chinese government to prevent further unrest in its vicinity.

The United Kingdom of England and Wales

The remaining nations in the United Kingdom are now ruled more directly by the monarchy. All citizens have been conscripted in the defence of the nation.


2041 – 2045 Scotland and Northern Ireland vote to leave to United Kingdom and to Join the European Union. Despite Spain’s vote to not let Scotland into the EU because it would embolden secession movements in Catalonia and elsewhere, their vote is over-ruled by Brussels through its emergency powers because smaller provinces like Scotland and Catalonia were easier to dominate for the EU Commission rather than nation-states like Spain large enough to have an independent policy.

2050 An attempt is made by the European Union to conquer England by landing EU forces in Dover, Wales and, through Scotland but by dividing European forces on three fronts it fails on all three fronts.

The Former United States of America

The independent nations formerly part of the United States of America. The most free, peaceful, and prosperous territories in the world after The Orderly Dissolution of the United States Into Its Component Parts in 2076 AD.


4 July 2076 The Orderly Dissolution of The United States Into Its Component Parts happens peacefully except in California which without water-supplies degenerates into race war and is then invaded by Mexico under the pretext of protecting the rights of Hispanics. The state is liberated by a coalition force of the other states but it loses over 80% of its population, most of its urban population. San Francisco is destroyed by an earth-quake but only a few hundred die due to the area already being depopulated.

2076 – 2085 The Orderly Dissolution of the United States causes massive civil wars all over the world.

2076 – 2090 The free-flow of nuclear technology leads to most nations acquiring nuclear weapons. Some old nuclear weapon systems from the US which may or may not be functional are even sold to private individuals.


The de facto super-power. More powerful in the international sphere now that all of its rivals except Russia and the European Union are gone but suffering from internal issues due to an ageing population and the unexpected effects of a successful natalist policy.


2077 – 2080 Immediately after the collapse of the United States, China annexes Taiwan leaving the island in ruin.

2084 The North Koreans also take this opportunity to attack South Korea by a launching several nuclear bombs into Seoul but they still lose leading to mass migration of North Koreans into China.

2085 The Chinese government re-annexes North Korea and installs a puppet government to prevent North Koreans getting into China and so the South Korean Army does not get close to China’s borders.

2077 Chinese and Russian relationships worsen in the absence of a common enemy in America. The Russian government begins rapid nuclear rearmament on its eastern flank.

2080 Due to a collapse of free sea routes and to counter the rising Chinese influence the Indian government institutes high tariffs on all Chinese ships passing through the Indian oceans. The Indian government enforces this with battleships and aircraft carriers it had gotten cheaply from the United States as a last act from the American president, hoping that even without the skills to use it properly, the Indians might be able to contain China’s influence somewhat with most ships from the now disbanded American fleets. Almost all the revenue from tariffs goes to the upkeep of the newly acquired American ships which are frequently damaged by inexperienced Indian sailors.

2079 Australia entered into a formal alliance with China though they secretly have an alliance with the Indians. New Zealand is annexed into Australia due to fears of Australian politicians that the Chinese might annex it first.

2040 The Chinese government places a ban on all contraceptives in China to counter its ageing population problem. It works but it also caused a radical decline in IQ and a rise in criminality as well as the creation of massive prison camp styled orphanages for children abandoned by their parents. The population in these camps rise to over 200 million leading to the Chinese government re-instituting the one-child policy while at the same time not having resolved the ageing population – as most of the new population are less productive workers and often just criminals.

2040 – 2076 The Chinese government uses this new surplus of ill-educated orphans to ethnically replace ethnic minorities in China’s Western, North-Eastern, and crucially China’s North-Western provinces which had seen a substantial increase in the Korean population due to the collapse of the regime in North Korea until it was propped back up by the Chinese government. China’s puppet government in North Korea consisted mostly of Koreans born in China who had authority over remaining generals and military leaders. A new de-militarised zone is formed fifty miles north of the previous one. The border is protected from South Korea by Chinese and North Korean soldiers.

The European Union

A stagnant power ruled by bureaucrats who keep order and security in Europe usually at the price of growth.


2045 A new European Army is created in the interest of security independent of the United States. All European national armies are incorporated into its chain of command based in Brussels.

1945 – 2045 Mass immigration is instituted to supplement the falling birth rate due to European women not having children, leading to social unrest which is summarily put down by the new European Army.

2077 The European Commission is given emergency powers by the rubber-stamp European Parliament. Any national government which would oppose the EU would be faced with the newly assembled European Army.

2088 After the failure to annex England, the European Union puts in place a trade embargo. Portugal refuses to abide by the embargo leading to an invasion force of mostly French and German European Armies committing atrocities in Spain due to the Spanish government refusing to let French and German soldiers march through its territory. The trade embargo fails due to the combined efforts of the Royal Navy and a sophisticated network of smugglers. The trade embargo still technically remains in place.

2090 The European Union commission votes to abolish all remaining (now ceremonial) monarchies in Europe due to the English being ruled by a monarchy and due to fear that that might happen in any other nation under its power. The Pope is allowed to remain in power but all future popes would be appointed with the approval of Brussels.

2100 France, America, and England are formally ejected from the United Nations security council and replaced with the European Union. As a response to this all former US territories and England leave the United Nations. The United Nations headquarters are moved to Switzerland, a neutral nation.



2076 – 2079 The white population in South Africa is displaced after a radical faction within the ANC takes power. Cape Town is annexed by the Chinese to secure their trade routes from the social conflict. The different tribes in South Africa start killing each other. The European Union refuses to accept white refugees from South Africa but they are accepted by Zimbabwe which grows richer than South Africa and is renamed Rhodesia.

2063 Due to the low oil demand Nigeria collapses into four different states along ethno-religious lines but is then re-united by a general who then turns into a dictator.

2074 Ethiopia collapses into general unrest but with support from the Chinese army and secret police the situation is brought under control. In exchange for their financial and military support the Chinese government requests the Ethiopian government to institute a one-child policy and a policy to forcefully relocate members of ethnic minorities so that there is no region with a majority of minority ethnic groups.

2030 War breaks out in Morocco over the independence movement in its south. The rebels are crushed but causalities are over one million.

The Middle-East


2089 The Arab states except Syria, Qatar, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq enter into a formal military alliance with Israel to keep Iran and the Turks at bay now that the United States was out of the picture. The Palestinian territories are formally annexed into Israel with the other Arab nations’ reluctant approval.

2045 The Turkish economy collapses but is propped up by German tax-payers by a Bundestag which is over 45% Turkish. The EU commission allows this to keep Russia at bay.

2049 Libya is partitioned between Turkey and Russia.

South-East Asia


2085 After The Fall of Taiwan, due to the rising influence of China, a rough military coalition based in Saipan is formed among South East Asian ASEAN nations despite China’s efforts to play ASEAN members against each other.