Pantheon of Waifus

Why choose one if they are not real?

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Makise Kurisu: Red-Headed Tsundere Scientist Waifu

From Steins; Gate. Makise Kurisu has daddy issues and is as flat as a cutting board. She is also a tsundere in my expert weeb opinion. She also frequently posts on 2chan, the text-board on which futaba was based on. 4Chan is based on futaba.

Her waist-length straight red hair looked good as did her outfit, especially her black shorts on top of black tights ending with black boots which are partially unzipped. Her reactions to the protagonists antics were always hilarious plus she wasn’t angry at the protagonist for no reason.

I mean the protagonist was constantly larping as a mad scientist around her. She always carried herself with self-respect and intelligence so it was cute seeing her being won over by the goofiness of the protagonist. She also seemed kind unlike another red-head in this list.

Nanjou Sachi: Plastic Surgery Manga-ka Waifu

Bit of a boring side-character from Oyasumi Punpun, then again all characters from that manga are boring, as are most seinen characters. Now, normally being boring would exclude her from my pantheon of waifus but I liked her character arc enough to add her here.

I was moved by her relentless drive to be the author of her own fate, unlike the passive protagonist, going as far as getting plastic surgery and becoming a manga-ka.

Haruhi Suzumiya: Bona-Fide Bitch

Haruhi is a bona-fide bitch and I don’t even like the anime. I was too old by the time I watched it I had already gone through high school but I can still remember the boredom I felt at ordinary life and I rebelled against it making a fool of myself though not to the extent that Haruhi has. Of course now I understand that no matter how extra-ordinary a thing were to happen, eventually it would become ordinary and boring.

This point became clear to me when watching the third season of Durarara!!!, there were so many extra-ordinary things happening that the excitement I had for them in the first season was gone. Despite Haruhi being an asshole everybody avoids, I was won over by her cuteness and her confidence.

Alita: Robo Waifu

The Mary Sue protagonist from Battle Angel Alita, the sequel manga are trash but the original is good once it gets going. I liked the contrast of her mechanical body with a beautiful girly shape and her pretty face. I liked to see some robo-chick kick some ass, saving some innocent along the way, there is nothing more to it. Her personality is like that of a lone samurai in a post-apocalyptic cyber-punk setting.

Asuka Langley Soryu: Red-Headed Bona-Fide Hot Bitch

From Neon Genesis Evangelion. Just like Haruhi, Asuka is a bona-fide hot bitch. Yes, I am an Asuka-fag but so is M00T and Hideaki Anno so I think of it as being in good company. I can’t even begin to imagine what the rei-fags who would rather fuck a mass-produced soulless sex doll look like.

Asuka is a demented female hafu but she looks good in that red plug suit so that makes up for it. The mommy issues in this waifu are over nine-thousand. She was so talented and worked so hard but that wasn’t enough to save her from being a failure or to make her the chosen one no matter how much she wished for it.

If she hadn’t failed so badly I don’t think I would have liked her as she would have been just another Mary Sue, basically she tried to act like she was one but she wasn’t. To this day 25 years after the anime was released there are still people on /a/ “discussing” who is the best girl in Eva, and the answer is Asuka, no matter what Rei-fags might say.

Yukino Miyazawa: Fake but not Gay

From Kare Kano. Yukino has a persona at school as kind hearted and popular etc.. but really she is extremely competitive and worked really hard to maintain her front. I am not going to spoil the rest but Kare Kano is the best high school romance anime of all time except for the last few episodes because Studio Gainax ran out of money again and had to draw the last few episodes with crayons and live action footage in a low budget mess. The first few episodes are the best though.

Yukino Yukinoshita: From Ice Queen to Maiden in Love

By the end Yukino Yukinoshita is a trash character but in the first season of Oregairu and in the novels covered by the first season she is a good waifu. From the start to the end, she goes from Ice Queen to Maiden in Love. I am only interested in her when she was cold towards the protagonist-kun and genuinely challenged his view. I always looked forward to her interactions with the protagonist. Of all the waifu’s here I guess she is the most like the idea of an elegant, traditional Japanese beauty (yamato nadeshiko) even though she is as flat as a cutting board.

Noriko Takaya: Okaerinasai ("WELCOME HOMƎ!")

From Gunbuster. This is the waifu which introduced boob physics to anime. Such a positive, bright character. Her character arc warms my heart. Even when thousands of years have passed and everyone and everything she knew, except her sempai, was gone, she still moved forward with a smile on her face. Also she has nice tits and is cuter than all the soulless bug-eyed moe girls with ultra-high pitched voices and an IQ lower than that of an eight year old.

Though I no longer share Gunbuster’s boundless optimism about human potential and progress, it is hard not to feel that there is something fundamentally correct about Noriko’s airheaded hopeful attitude when the final episode hits its climax, and you realise that her heroic stand for humanity was not in vain and was not forgotten even after thousands of years.

Emi Ibarazaki: The End of Foot Fetishists

From the High School Cripple Dating Simulator Visual Novel made by 4chan. It is not a masterpiece and I struggled to get through it but Emi herself was a fine character. Her legs were amputated in a car accident (sorry foot fetishists) but despite this she does not give up her passion for running and she also forced the protagonist to run despite his heart condition.

Lucia Nanami: Blond Mermaid

From the Italian dub of Mermaid Melody. Lucia is your average shoujo protagonist. Shoujo protagonists get so much undeserved hatred because they do not act like women with penises. Now I do like my tomboys and ice queens but there is something good about a pure girl in love from time to time too – as long as it isn’t drawn out. The first season of Mermaid Melody was good and I could not help but root for her romance with Kaito. The second one was a mess with the use of amnesia as a plot device to undo the romantic development, and the romance of side characters being rushed plus a villain coming out of nowhere.

Yuri: One Loli to Rule Them All

The green-haried-eyed loli from Mermaid Melody. I am weak to stories of forbidden love and though hers was just a side-story I liked it very much. Honestly I can’t think of any better loli characters.

Videl: tfw no tomboy gf

From DragonBall Z, I have seen a few clips of her from DragonBall Super and she seemed to have become a cringey house-wife now like most women in DragonBall. I just thought her romance with Gohan was pretty cute that’s why she is here. I also thought she looked better with long-hair, it was the perfect balance between cute girl and tomboy. She looked too boyish with short hair, screw Gohan for telling her to cut her hair..

Natsumi Tsujimoto: Tomboy in Police Uniform and miniskirt

From the sexy girl Japanese Police comedy anime, You Are Under Arrest. Another tomboy. I normally hate episodic series about cute girls doing ordinary things but this was okay mainly due to the action scenes involving Natsumi using her super-human strength to catch criminals and save people. Her friendship with her sidekick , Miyuki, was sweet too, as was the arc about having to separate herself from Miyuki to move forward with her career as a police officer. Of course this was quickly undone because this is supposed to be a bright series, and despite Natsumi dealing with criminals all the time – there was nothing dark at all which was fine.