What the US Owes The UK

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The United Kingdom is not perfect, in fact I spend most of my waking hours complaining about pliant a people the British are.

The British have been in close quarters hand-to-hand combat against continental tyranny since the Napoleonic Wars and now they are losing. What the Americans owe the British is to take a clean hit to their face from the Eurasian continental tyranny on behalf of the British.

Britain has hopelessly grappled with and resisted for centuries against the inevitable fate of a slave empire spanning the length of Europe and Asia. On the one end the European Union is threatening to tear apart the British union into little provinces that it can easily gobble up in the form of Ireland and Scotland. At the other end in Hong Kong the tyranny known as the Chinese Communist Party is steadily eroding English liberties in Hong Kong to nothing.

The British fought mostly out of self-interest and self-preservation, there was never a lofty top-down plan like the American constitution to make Britain free, instead British liberty has come about by chance from the bottom up. When I say “by chance” I don’t mean spontaneously but by accident and without a plan which is why central planners hate Britain because she shows central planners as what they are, unnecessary tyrants.

The Americans have not treated the British fairly, making us pay war loans with no regard to the destruction in Britain and helping to take away our empire away by de-legitimising it only for it inevitably to be replaced by worse regimes everywhere with heavy socialist influences thus damning them to poverty and tyranny for many decades now. Just compare the state of liberty the territories which did remain with Britain and those which did not. Obviously this doesn’t include Australia, NZ, and Canada as these had ruling classes of English descent and liberty though liberty is in decline in all of them too as they are easy pickings now that they are separated. In the end it was British democracy and the British labour party with heavy continental ideologies which destroyed British liberty and the Empire however the Americans played their role in destroying the Empire which is why I think they owe to take a hit on our behalf. Now that the British liberty is on its last limb, thanks in part to American efforts to destroy the Empire, the front-lines of Eurasian continental tyranny have moved steadily to the East and West Coast of United States in the form of a Europeanized left-wing intelligentzia which has destroyed civil liberty in the major American cities and are closing in on the centre and the heartland of America in the midwest where the word liberty means anything other than entitlements to other people’s property.

he only way to reverse this flow or at least to halt it temporarily is to move the front-lines back to the white cliffs of Dover. For this America has to side with Britain on every issue offering to free Britain from European tyranny in the form of economic tariffs from the European Union. To put it bluntly the United States has to threaten to put in place a trade embargo with the European Union if the European Union refuses to offer a free trade deal to the United Kingdom. The United States should also remove all tariffs with the United Kingdom and it should also seek to re-establish a British force and culture in the far east. Anything less than this and the evil of the left will not redirect its sights from the United States to England totally.

The European Union is free by Continental European standards but not by British standards. I could go on about Common Law and how in Europe everything is decided by top-down dictates and increasingly in Britain too as it too is being absorbed into that slave Empire. I don’t think I need to tell any Americans, this does not include Europeanized leftwingers living in America (though a piece of paper says that they are Americans this does not make them so, they are just your usual rootless metropolitan power-hungry Europeans who would not be out of place in Berlin, now or in 1939), why China is a tyranny but it will become clear even to CCP bone-headed nationalists when the current faction in power in Peking is forced to step down and there will be a massive purge relative to the power Mr. Xi has hoarded.

Of course I know that none of what I suggested will be put into action by the American ruling class (which has already been contaminated by European continental philosophy) but when everything inevitably goes terribly, horribly wrong I will at least be able to say “I told you so” to an audience of just myself because I don’t expect to be listened to even when everything that could and couldn’t possibly go wrong has gone wrong.