Orderly Dissolution of the United States into Its Component Parts

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But what about Chaina? Remember Machiavelli and his desire to unite small independent Italian states into the bureaucratic nightmare that is the Italian republic today in order defend against endless French and Austrian aggression? The evil empire that is Germany was also formed due to French aggression and in turn the Evil Empire that is the European Union was formed due to German aggression. A Switzerland style decentralised Canton democracy may be preferable given that as you say nobody cares about the US constitution including the supreme court. I don’t have any frens to talk about the Orderly Dissolution of the United States into Its Component Parts so I will blog about it.

The war of Northern Aggression did not improve the position of blacks and indeed has done the very opposite just like all left-wing virtue-signalling schemes at the expense of the poor. However I still fear that it was worth it because had the United States not being united then it would be open for foreign aggression just as the European Union wishes to break up the United Kingdom in order to swallow Britain piece by piece into its ageing Eurocrats’ mouths.

The only hope for liberty in the US is decentralised democracy into units even smaller than the fifty states. The states are too large. It may sound counter-intuitive but sometimes the answer is more politicians. Why? Because politicians desire power to run their little corner like their little fiefdom. I may hate Tony Blair but he was right to devolve powers in Britain. It is a pity that he didn’t do more of it.

Of course the only reason that Blair did that is because he thought that it would give him a permanent Labour rule over these regions. It would have made no difference even if this scheme had succeeded because local politicians would have naturally wanted to have more power from the central government and local politicians tend to live more in this world as opposed to wherever those in Westminster and Washington live.

More and more I am feeling like moving into Switzerland. The government there is left-wing but given the Canton system this means it can’t do anything too insane like the left can here in Britain and America. Iceland is like that too and New Zealand was like that too before the mass migration which has allowed the left-wing government to slowly replace its voters with more pliant immigrant voters who owe their citizenship to the left and care not for liberty as anything else other than access to other peoples’ property.

I hope I don’t have to talk about politics for a while. It is extremely boring.