Un-Go Anime Review

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If all humans were saints and sages, all truths would be laid bare, and every great cause, justification, means, ideal, and lie… would likely become unnecessary. But I wonder if that day will ever come. All we can do is improve ourselves, little by little.”

“People(‘s hearts) have many sides to them…aren’t all of those (sides) truths?…I won’t let you decide which is true.”

“People get corrupted. Even saints and heroes”

“I’m just searching. Why do I search? Because I’m not so important to exist without looking for something.”

“People tend to believe that the truth is something hidden. There are subsequently those who believe they themselves will someday learn it. But there are an innumerable amount of truths. If someone becomes satisfied with a single truth, it simply means that they’ve stopped thinking any further.

“Something beautiful should be allowed to end…while it’s still beautiful.”

“I’m just searching. Why do I search? Because I’m not so important to exist without looking for something”

“I always lose. That’s why I’m the defeated detective

Un-Go is a mystery anime set in post-apocalyptic modern day Japan after a war. Shinjūrō Yūki- the defeated detective- solves cases alongside his mysterious sidekick- a boy named Inga. The two of them often come into contact with the information broker Rinroku Kaishō, the chairman of JJ systems who is in control of the flow of information in the media as well as an adviser to the Public Prosecutor’s office, the National Police Agency, etc… Prior to the events that take place in the anime, Shinjūrō has critisized Rinroku’s deductions which later always turned right thanks to Rinrokou’s influence, due to this the newspapers began referring to him as ‘The Defeated Detective”

Un-Go is more than just a mystery anime, almost each episode discusses one of the problems that modern society faces(Eg- people believing in conspiracy theories and acting upon those beliefs, technology being used for sexual pleasure or for military purposes, people being sent to jail for their opinions, governments censoring and hiding information, manipulation of media by powerful individuals, corruption etc…) , it is interesting to see however how the victims are not always too innocent and how the guilty party are not always too guilty. Even the actions taken by Rinroku with his media manipulation sometimes seem to be right. Other topics like existentialism are also discussed in this anime, for more on that visit this post by E.Minor.

The only two problems that I have with this anime is that, 1.It is too short- I mean only 11 episodes and each episode is usually one case which means we only get around 25 minutes to get to know the characters involved in the case, 2. The mysteries were good , but well, even I was able to correctly guess the culprit, the motive and the way in which the crime was committed a few times, that was fine with me, a Holmes boy, but for all those hardcore Agantha Christie fans who want complicated puzzles and ‘no magic at all’ I would rather advise you to watch Detective Conan(I mean seriously it’s like the Japanese version of Agantha Christie’s puzzle crimes) .