Ufotable's Fate Unlimited Blade Works Adaptation

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Tohsaka Rin is really boring and so is Unlimited Blade Works which covers her route. I just didn't find her motivations that interesting, she wanted to be the very best like Ash, which is fine but not a very serious to get the holy grail. In fact she ends up acting like a sort of chaperone for Shirou in all routes including her own.

The character designs look much worse than in DEEN's Fate/Stay Night. Rin looks like a grasshopper.

As ThatWhiteHand pointed out to me, the whole thing sheds any visual novel-like characteristsics and becomes a generic shounen-manga-like adaptation.

Honestly, it has been almost a month since I have watched it but I am noting this down before I forget everything as I am going to have a convo about it with ThoughtAgent. I will not subject myself to it again unless I am paid for it.

I am waiting to see what ThoughtAgent will say about it because I have nothing to say about it.

I guess we got  to see more of "I am the bone of my sword" which was alright. Shirou getting strong enough to fight servants was kind of lame and very shounen-ny. And his disagreement with Archer was ultimately solved with might makes right.

I won't complain about certain characters like Berserker not being explored cause they already got screen-time  in fate-stay night and heaven's feel.

I might watch studio Deen's movie adaptation of UBW in preparation for my convo with ThoughtAgent.

The music was okay, kind of Shouneny, I preferred the music in fate stay night and  Heaven's Feel.

Heaven's Feel was alright as a bunch of dumb micheal bay explosions movies and for breast expansion fetish enthusiasts, but here too UBW felt lacking.

The only fun parts were seeing Shinji dick around having found his true calling as a minion.

Gigachadmesh's motives for mass murder were explored  which was nice even if it was too brief, given that he is the final boss in this one.
As for animation and the Unlimited Budget Works Gigguk-reddit-tier meme, it looked alright - maybe at the time it came out it must have looked gorgeous but now it looks soulless and not that special. Not comfy.

- OTAKING, The Good Student