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Tomboy’s Are Better than Onesans

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Rating: 7/10. The trickster loli goddess Loki finds a new plaything in a girly-looking high school boy trying to act manly. This is just a gender-bender ecchi romcom which will leave you ogling at the sexy guy turned into a girl if you are a red blooded man.

The side-characters and the love interest are not interesting. They are just an excuse to indulge in the cuteness of the protagonist’s innocent unintentional girlishness as she slowly comes to grasp that he is no longer a guy now that he has the body of a cute girl. As his body lets him experience things only a cute girl can he slowly falls in love with his childhood best buddy.

The childhood best-friend for his part simply can’t resist the cuteness of his former best guy friend turned a cute girl either which leads to many delicious ecchi scenes. If nothing else it will not convince you that big-titted girls are inferior to cute tomboys with small breasts if that needed any convincing.

Frankly I do not understand obsession with large breasts and fat bottoms which quickly sag and are so often deceptions made of plastic to the point where the real thing looks like plastic. There is virtue in petite, cute, sexy girlishness too and I would hope this gender-bender manga will help others see it too.

Trust me it will be a welcome reprieve after having had your senses repeatedly overloaded with fake big-titted monsters with no femininity in American pop music videos.

It’s odd but Tomboys with short hair have the greatest potential for femininity. You would think that their ‘Ara, Ara’ big-titted Onesan counterparts would have the upper-hand but Tomboys are just too cute when they get flustered and embarrassed about being feminine. The perky breasts just make it better. I have never seen a Tomboyish Onesan.

Tomboys are more feminine because they are feminine despite trying not to be so and despite trying to be boyish. Onesans are just too static in their femininity unlike their breasts which go ‘boing, boing.’ Tfw no Tomboyish gf.