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Anime is becoming more and more boring as it gets more mainstream. To save anime we need people with taste to be the leaders of our community. There is no point in saying that we don’t want their to be leaders and followers because a natural aristocracy or hierarchy will always form by itself in any community of more than one. Even Robinson Crusoe had a slave – and though he would not be called as such today it would be the very same.

The question then remains what kind of aristocracy we want it to be. Snob is not perfect, he is wrong to bow to censorious feminists about the “objectification” of women in anime – the result of which is to turn girls in anime into men without penises suffering from “toxic masculinity” and self-inserts for feminists in the form of creepy androgynous Mary Sues who have been beaten to death with an ugly stick and brought back to life to haunt little children.

Despite this at least Snob isn’t a easily excitable filthy casual pleb or a sell-out shill who will promote anything new to make money from the hype, even though some old anime is boring there is a lot modern anime can learn from old classic anime and for this to happen we need more people who have watched more anime from all periods like Snob to guide the masses of modern anime viewers to consider watching some more classics like Ashita no Joe rather than just Eva and the senile-infantile nonsense by Ghibli Miyazaki after Princess Mononoke. Can you imagine an anime like SDF Macross being made today? I know that this survey will feel like a useless act and no doubt edgy-boys will dismiss me as some larping lolcow, in many ways the right has fallen for the belief in the historical inevitability of their own defeat more than the left – this assumption that current trends will go on for the foreseeable future of course is nothing but a sign of a lack of conviction. And the sneering directed at us who have conviction are nothing more than the sigh of a defeated animal, of Benjamin, the Donkey in anime farm, like the intelligentsia. Only when we will grasp our own conviction to us will the masses follow us and will the anime industry consider learning the basics from the past and the decline and fall of anime can be stemmed.

Okay I submitted the form nominating snob as a cruchyroll awards judge. For those of you who don’t know snob’s real name (which they ask for in the form) is *Petros Asteriou Malousis*. I would also recommend you to give them the link to Snob’s anidb here: because although there are many youtubers who have been nominated not many have made as many detailed written reviews as snob. Finally here is the link to crunchyroll’s survey: This is the election that matters. Not the US election.