Sunk Cost Fallacy Blogging

 Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Blog

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It has been a while since I have written anything, well I have written some stuff but mostly on my pen and paper personal diary, what I really mean is that I haven't blogged much. I thought it would be enough to just make youtube vlogs but then whenever I got some pen and paper into my hands I couldn't resist to start writing. I am not saying I am a good writer or a bad writer or even that I like to write but it just feels wrong not to.

I consider this site to be basically a blog. I tried over and over again to start a wordpress blog but that software is too bloated and keeps on getting bloated. Really the only problem I have with the current set up is that there is no way for those following my site to keep up with updates other than going to my neocities page. I can't be bothered to make an updates page manually or God forbid to make an RSS feed manually.

This is not a topical blog that anyone would learn anything from but some live journal tier attention whoring thing, and it is fine that way. So I can't be bothered to make things properly organised or easy to follow, then again isn't more fun that way? When reading blogs people just usually read just the latest stuff so that's all you will hear people talk to you about - your old content becomes irrelevant and your yourself will forget it. But on a silly static site like this without even an update log I don't know what people are going to stumble upon from the links vomited alll on the homepage.

Maybe this is just a cope but I have found that the best way to get stuff done is to not care about stuff like proper structure. I remember I used to be very fussy about the design for the site, the positioning of everything and the structure of the content on all the sites I tried to make. You can see that even on this site, where on the homepage I have tried and failed to categorize the pages on this site by the topics of various 4chan boards. It doesn't make any sense but I will leave it that way because that maketh sense.

I have finally figured out how to use the Composer in Sea Monkey, an open source version of the Mozilla/Netscape Internet Suite which is sorta still maintained but anyway all I care about is the HTML visual composer which lets me write my site like I was writing a word document or something. I like messing with html but not when I am writing. One of these days I will set up vim so I don't have to open and close paragraphs but that's what I always say so for now let's do things this way.

Dreams? I thought I would start writing about dreams from today because some people on my server mentioned it but I really can't remember.

Which is easier to make spontaneous YouTube vlogs or write posts like this? On the one hand writing feels like more work but at least it is easier to find somewhere where I can write in peace than somewhere where I can record in peace. Should I buy a mechanical keyboard to make writing more fun? I have been wondering about that. I wanted to wait until the cheap rubber dome keyboard I have stopped working but maybe I should just purchase it.There was an unaouthorised £60 charge on my Amazon account yesterday which stopped me from buying a mechanical keyboard.

Sadly SeaMonkey doesn't tell me what the wordcount currently is. I should probably read and give some feedback to the stories two discord friends of mine sent to ask to ask for writing feedback. I have tried writing fiction and I can't do that but I guess I can give some feedback to their fiction, I am all talk so I might as well capitalise on it. The eternal merchant within us all. Anyways, I haven't re-read or corrected anything on this blog as on any other page on this site. God is in his heaven, and all is fine with the world.

By Otaking, or The Good Student