Suicide Club and 12 Suicidal Children

Don't drink the Kool Aid in Japan

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Suicide club was okay. It was not scary or thought-provoking but it had cute girls killing themselves and it didn't overstay its welcome. One line struck my mind "Charles Manson of the Information Age." I guess that is what the premise of this thing is except it is not plausible and it is not meant to be plausible which still doesn't excuse it from not being plausible. The out of logic scenes shot because they were cool stick though and the cute girls getting killed makes it less palatable to the sub-human anti-human art house crowd. What I mean is that it is basically a bunch of clips spliced together just cause they are edgy, sexy, silly and cool. Please for the love of God do not listen to those who say that there is some deeper meaning because they need to feel pure and so can't indulge in some soft porn and perverse sexual violence for its own sake.

Scenes which I liked were the creepy children talking to the detective on the phone. Those ancient CRT monitors. The suicide of the two cute nurses and the security guard's reaction at the start. The mother slicing her own fingers off and the little girl commenting on how weird it is. The rape and murder scene inside the sack by the glam rock minion at the bowling alley and Genesis using a hammer to fix his guilotine chair. The bat getting caught and kidnapped for trying to be some sort of hacker. The Bat typing without looking at the keys on some forum lol. Genesis typing out his own location. The creepy children concert. The scene in which in the creepy children get the glam rock gimp minion to slice of off of the skin of those teenage girls. I liked the way the glam rock limp reverently said "it is ready" while presenting that skin slicer to that creepy kid as if he were some big boss or something. My least favourite scene was the ending where the girls do not jump infront of the train just cause the kids were impressed by the highschool girl saying that she is her and has a connection to herself. It made the detective look like an idiot and the stupid high school girl get away with acting like an idiot. I did like that scene in which right after her boyfriend dies by falling on top of her from a building out of confidence she goes holding her bloody ear to the cafe nearby to order some coffee as if that were her intention from the start. I also did not like the security guard's murder cause that came kind of out of nowhere. The highschoolers jumping off the rooftop was pretty bad too but the detective just asking the police officer to just flicke off the severed ear was kind of funny. The gore looks fake and about the only gory thing which had any effect on me until it got old were the stripes of rotting skin sewed together.

12 Suicidal Children is kind of like 12 Angry Men only less smart. Basically it is a movie in which a bunch of people who have a discussion before making a decision and there is only one person who disagrees at the start but by the end of the discussion everyone has changed their opinion to the opposite.

12 Angry Men was not very convincing but at least it was clever to cover it up. Here instead it is not clever and so there is some space for everyone's actual positions to breathe but in the last twenty minutes or so the script writers give up and the detective conan with cancer just convinces everyone that killing themselves is dumb because he would rather die a long and painful death.

There is also a clumsy murder mystery tacked on which is used as a delaying tactic plot device to prevent them from all killing themselves as intended. There is some sequel bait at the end about the sexy girl with burns and the organizer setting up more meetings for suicidal people but unfortunately nothing will come out of them. I say unfortunately because this is a good premise but the execution is not good enough. When at the end all the characters leave laughing I was reminded about that sweet but idiotic American teenage film Breakfast Club where members of all the different castes in highschool all get along as unrealistically as John Lennon's imagie.