SoloRPG #5: Loot

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I started walking towards the corridor. The floor beneath me suddenly gave in and I began falling into a pit that was covered. Dazai pulled me back and I ended up not op of him. Dazai cursed at me in Orcish.

“Watch where you are walking!” he said. I told I was sorry but he didn’t seem convinced. Today wasn’t a very lucky day.

We walked around the pit. It was about ten feet deep. Lyndis peeked around the corner and then motioned us to move forward.

When we turned around the corridor opened into another room. It was about twenty by twenty feet. The entrance was wide enough for an orc or for two of us. Lyndis and I walked forward wielding our weapons and Dazai followed.

There were two orcs waiting for us. One of them seemed normal but the other was two feet taller and wearing chainmail and wielding a shield.

The normal came right straight to me but it was too obvious so I simply pointed my longsword in his way and he stopped advancing. The large orc approached Lyndis but she did the same as I and the large orc stopped approaching her too.

Dazai launched a bullet at the orc’s face past my head making me flinch. Taking this opportunity I plunged my sword into the stomach of the distracted orc. I pulled my sword up and the Orc simply fell forwards in front of my feet as moved back to avoid the falling orc. Unfortunately, Dazai was standing right behind me so I just fell backwards on top of the dwarf. We quickly got up and glared at each other.

“You nearly hit me with that bullet!” I said angrily.

“My aim is second to none!” declared the dwarf dubiously.

While we were bickering Lyndis had beaten the large Orc without taking any damage somehow. Both I and Dazai looked at the downed orc.

We looked around the room but couldn’t find any more obvious exists so figured that we had killed all of the Orcs. Just as we were about to leave the walls straight ahead of us started shaking and they slowly slid open. Another large orc appeared from that new entrance.

The orc was wearing chainmail looked much bulkier than the downed large orc. Dazai was already in the room behind us when he turned back to look at what was going on. He hurried to load his sling but it slipped out of his hands and he had to pick it up.

I rushed towards the large orc before it could do anything struck my sword across its neck killing it immediately. At least I hoped by doing this I would save some face for my blunders thus far.

I cautiously moved forward towards the new entrance in the wall. There was a large chest resting on the side of the otherwise bare room.

“Shall I open it?” I asked.

“No, let me open it.” replied the dwarf and Lyndis the elf didn’t even reply to me. Dazai examined the chest first.

There are no traps on it he declared and opened it with glee in his face which disappeared as it quickly as it appeared.

There were only 6 silver pieces and 1 electrum piece in there. Altogether a little bit more than a single gold piece. The dwarf took the electrum piece worth 5 silver pieces and I and Lyndis got 3 silver pieces each.

Rewards for current quest: 14 platinum pieces for each adventurer. The quest giver was called Bartholomew, the mayor of the town.

Idea: Characters will have to return with rep from the adventurer’s guild to prove they have killed the Orcs. And then they will find the entrance to the Noria mines.

Alhwald Tillyworth’s Character Sheet


Stat Value Bonus
AB +1
STR 11
INT 14 +1
WIS 11
DEX 7 -1
CON 10
CHA 11
AC 15
HP 8(10)
Race Human
Class Fighter
Sex Male
Level 1
Age 16
XP 329XP (1,250)
Hit Dice 1d8
Money 244 gp, 3gp
Equipment Chainmail, Shield, Long-Sword, Backpack, Rations-7 days, Water-skin, Tinderbox, Flint and Steel, 50′ rope.
Spells/Abilities 10% bonus to all XP earned.
Saving Throws
Death Ray/Poison 12
Magic Wands 13
Paralysis or Petrify 14
Dragon Breath 15
Spells 17

Lyndis Hersandoral’s Character Sheet

Stat Value Bonus
AB +1
STR 10
INT 14 +1
WIS 15 +1
DEX 13 +1
CON 14 +1
CHA 14 +1
AC 13 +1
HP 9(15)
Race Elf
Class Cleric
Sex female
Level 1
Age 17
XP 276(1500)
Hit Dice 1d6
Money 10 gp, 3sp
Equipment Quarterstaff, Shield, Long-Sword, Backpack, Rations-7 days, Leather Armour, Water-skin, Tinderbox, Flint and Steel, 50′ rope.
Spells/Abilities 60′ range Darkvision, 1-2 on 1d6 to find secret doors with just a cursory, immune to paralysing attack of ghouls, less likely to be surprised in combat by 1 in 1d6.

Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Light, Protection from Evil, Purify Food and Water, Remove Fear, Resist Cold. No Spells until Lv 2.

Saving Throws
Death Ray/Poison 11
Magic Wands 12 +2
Paralysis or Petrify 14 +1
Dragon Breath 16
Spells 15 +2

Dazai’s Character Sheet


Stat Value Bonus
AB +1
STR 11
INT 14 +1
WIS 13 +1
DEX 13 +1
CHA 12
AC 13
HP 4
Race Dwarf
Class Thief
Sex Male
Level 1
Age 74
XP 276(1500)
Hit Dice 1d6
Money 21 gp, 1ep
Equipment 1 Week of Rations, Thieves Pick and Tools, Hemp Rope 50′, Backpack, Sling, 58 Bullets for Sling, Dagger, and Leather Armour.
Spells/Abilities Darkvision with a 60′ range, able to detect slanting passages, traps, shifting walls and new construction on a roll of 1-2 on 1d6 (a search must be performed before this roll may be made). It takes a turn for the next abilities: Open Locks, Remove Traps, Pick Pockets, Move Silently, Climb Walls, Hide, Listen, and Sneak Attack.
Restrictions Cannot use large weapons more than four feet in length like two-handed swords, polearms, and longbows. May not wear metal armour as it interferes with thief abilities.
Saving Throws
Death Ray/Poison 13 +4
Magic Wands 14 +4
Paralysis or Petrify 13 +4
Dragon Breath 16 +3
Spells 15 +4