Solo RPG #3: A Dwarf Thief

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Dwarf Character Sheet:

Name: Dazai

Age: 74 yrs (rolled 2d10 for 74)

Rolled 3d6 for abilities.

STR: 11

INT: 14 +1

WIS: 13 +1

DEX: 13 +1

CON: 9

CHA: 12

(I had to take off 3 points from CHA to CON because Dwarves need a minimum of 9 CON).

Background: Dazai is the second child of Osamu, the travelling merchant. His brother was killed by his wife so that Dazai would inherit his father’s inheritance. Dazai murdered his own wife and is now an outlaw and a fugitive from his own son who wants to kill him.

Money: 21 gold pieces (Rolled 3d6x10 then subtracted cost of equipment)

Equipment: 1 Week of Rations, Thieves Pick and Tools, Hemp Rope 50′, Backpack, Sling, 60 Bullets for Sling, Dagger, and Leather Armour.

AC: 13 (determined by armour)

HP: 4 (hit dice is 1d4)

Restrictions: Cannot use large weapons more than four feet in length like two-handed swords, pole arms, and longbows. May not wear metal armour as it interferes with thief abilities.

Special Abilities: Darkvision with a 60′ range, able to detect slanting passages, traps, shifting walls and new construction on a roll of 1-2 on 1d6 (a search must be performed before this roll may be made). It takes a turn for the next abilities: Open Locks, Remove Traps, Pick Pockets, Move Silently, Climb Walls, Hide, Listen, and Sneak Attack.

Saving Throws: +4 vs Death Ray or Poison, Magic Wands, Paralysis or Petrify, and Spells, and at +3 vs Dragon Breath.

Level 1 (1,250 xp to level 2)

Lyndis and I were silently walking down the path to the location indicated by Helen. After half an hour of walking in the woods we were nearly there but I had an empty stomach so I stopped, gestured to Lyndis I would be sitting on some grass and took out my food ration of bread with sugar. Apparently she didn’t even have her on food. How did she even get here without any supplies? Bah whatever. She was sitting with her back turned to me so I poked her back and offered half of my ration. I wasn’t that hungry anyway. I drank some water from the stream of water passing by. I thought it would be handy if I had something to carry some water but I did not. It was then that I heard someone passing by, it was a dwarf with a forked grey beard. There aren’t many Dwarves around these parts so I knew that this was our adventurer.

“Hello,” I leapt out of the trees and greeted him. He looked immediately defensive. While I pondered what I had done that made him immediately distrust me Lyndis approached him and showed him the piece of paper she had gotten from Helen.

“So you are the fools with which I have to clear this orc lair.” he said. Dwarves were as snooty as ever.

“My name is Alhwald and hers is Helen, what’s yours?” I asked him now that the misunderstanding was out of the way.

“Dazai.” He replied and walked off. Helen followed him. I quickly packed my things into my backpack and caught up with them when. They had almost reached the Orcs’ lair. It was a simple cave in a clearing.

Rolled 2 on 1d6 for no encounter. There wasn’t anyone guarding it so we each prepared our weapons. Lyndis had a staff and Dazai a sling so unfortunately despite my injuries I was going to be the one to take the brunt of the attacks despite my injuries.

Dazai launched a bullet into the cave without giving us any warning. 59 bullets left. Rolled 1 on 1d6. There was a thud and then an angry shout coming from the cave.

“Why did you warn them that we are here?” I said.

“It’s better to fight them here outside than in there.”

I didn’t agree but whatever if he wanted to take the lead whatever.

Rolled 3 on 1d4. Three angry orcs came out of the cave. Rolled 2 on 1d4. The three of us were hiding behind one of the two large rocks, rolled 3 on 1d10, 30 feet from the three of them standing in front of the entrance looking around for us.

Rolled 5, 2 and 3 on 1d6. Only one of the orcs was not surprised. Rolled 6, 4, 6 for initiative of A, L, D. Rolled 4 for initiative of unsurprised orc. Rather than wait until they found us I decided to surprise them and give away our location. Rolled 5, 4, 3 on 1d8 for Orc HP. Rolled 14+1 on 1d20 and 5 on 1d8. I ran up to the orc on the left who simply and I jammed my sword into its stomach to its surprise. The orc fell down with a loud thud on his back unsheathing my sword from its bowels. At the same time as I did this Dazai the Dwarf launched a bullet from his sling at the orc in the middle, rolled 10+1 on 1d10, but it was not surprised and so avoided it but rather than towards the dwarf it came to me as I was the closest to it. The orc was unarmed and didn’t seem ready for combat but it could still beat me to death with its thick arms easily. I tried to keep it from reaching me by waving my sword erratically at it. Rolled 7 on d20. Surprisingly it worked. Rolled 2 on d20. Lyndis was engaged in combat with the other Orc which had been surprised but as far as I could see was unable to deal any damage to it.

Rolled 3 on 1d20. I was only able to keep the orc at bay but unable to deal any damage to it at all. Seeing that I was in trouble the dwarf ran to our location with a dagger, rolled 12 on 1d20 but the orc simply pushed the knife out of his hands. Rolled 7 on 1d20, the Orc ignored the dwarf and charged at me but I tripped on the corpse of the orc and it’s fist missed me just touching my hair as I tumbled down.

Rolled 6 on 1d20. Lyndis was still occupied with the other orc and so could not come to assist us nor could we assist her. Rolled 6 on 1d20. The orc was unable to land any hits on her either. I quickly got back up to my feet, rolled 10+1 on 1d20, but that’s all I managed to do. Rolled 17 on 1d20. Rolled 1 on 1d4. Dazai picked up his dagger and jammed it into the orc’s back as it was distracted with me. The Orc let out a painful scream. Rolled 10 on 1d20. Lyndis was distracted by the scream and so missed her attack. Rolled 3 on 1d20. The Orc which was battling her was also unable to score any hits. Rolled 14 on 1d20 and 5 on 1d8. The pain the orc was in pain from the dagger to its back and uselessly tried to reach for it with his hand. I wondered how Dazai the dwarf had gotten the dagger in so up high despite his shortness. I guessed he must have jumped up to reach the orc’s back with his dagger in hand. I guessed dwarves were strong after all. As all this passed through my mind I took the opportunity to penetrate my blade straight through the Orc’s chest and it finally died.

Rolled 19 on 1d20. Seeing that it was alone the last orc tried to step back into the cave. Rolled 6 on 1d6. Fortunately for us Lyndis took this opportunity to stab it through its neck. I was able to get away from it all relatively unscathed but I doubted this luck would last our whole visit. I lighted a torch and we entered into a sparsely illuminated tunnel. Rolled 5 on 1d12 for total no. of orcs in and out the lair.