Solo RPG #1:

First Combat

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I set up camp by the river under the moonlight but no sooner had I laid down I heard some rustling in the trees and the sound of heavy footsteps. I quickly grabbed my sword and prepared for combat. A hulking, grotesque, red-eyed humanoid creature soon appeared from the woods in front of me. It did not look surprised and it immediately punched me taking away 2HP. I immediately retaliated and took out 3HP with my sword. It tried to pummel me again but it missed and I finished it off by passing my long sword dealing 6HP of damage. Thereafter I simply fell asleep from exhaustion next to the corpse of my downed foe. In the morning afterwards I was woken up by the bad smell of the dead orc next to me. I recovered 1HP in my rest and was back to 7HP. I had gained 25XP from this battle.

After I packed all of my equipment I continued walking downstream along the river until I came across a small town along the river bank.

There were two guards standing at the entrance to the town. They wore mismatched armour and looked like two untrained peasant farmers. Roll Reaction Roll 2D6 for 9. Favourable. The guards eyed me warily but let me pass through without stopping me. I had only seven days of food rations left and was eager to find adventuring work soon.

The streets were mostly empty but there was an elf in leather armour loitering about looking around like an outsider. Although Elves are known to be haughty I assumed the fact that we were both outsiders might help ease my attempt to gain some information. Reaction Roll 2d6: 1+4 for 5. Unfavourable.

As I approached the elf in leather armour she raised her staff as if to attack me so I backed off and hastily took a turn around the corner into an alleyway pretending very badly that was where I was headed all along. It was a dead end so I waited a few minutes and peeked around the corner making sure she was no longer there and I slipped off in the opposite direction of where I thought she had gone.

The crowds were gathering in the streets as the sun rose higher and I no longer looked out of place or so I hoped. As I walked about without direction I noticed a badly re-painted wooden sign hanging off an old decrepit two-storey red-bricked building. The sign simply read “Adventurer’s Guild” in uneven black ink as if it had been re-written over a few times as time erased it. I hurriedly entered the building pushing open a worn wooden door with a brass handle.

It looked like a tavern or an inn inside for all intents and purposes. There was a strong smell of booze which soothed me. Reaction roll 2d6 for 3. Unfavourable. The mood in the tavern seemed tense and there was little doubt that my presence had caused it. However they seemed to quickly lose interest and returned to their drinking only occasionally looking my way.

Shortly after I had entered, that elf who looked like she was going to attack me also barged into the room as I had. Reaction roll, 2d6 for 7. Unfavourable. The elf frowned at me as if I had been following her when that was clearly unreasonable and as I looked at her I noticed from the corner of my eye another character approaching her from behind.

An angry looking blue haired woman unsheathed a dagger and was about to stab the elf in her back. There was no time to tell her this so I simply ran towards her causing her to reach to her staff to attack me instead. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and continued forward. Surprise roll 1d6 for 4. Blue not surprised.

Initiative roll 1d6 for 2. Initiative roll 1d6 for 6. Blue gets initiative. Roll 1d6 for 1HP of damage. The blue haired woman noticed my obvious approach and threw her dagger at me grazing my shoulder for a damage of 1HP. Roll 1d6 for 2. Blue has only 2HP. My HP goes down to 6 (my max HP is 10).

Roll 1d20 for 17 against 11AC. Roll 1d8 for 3HP of damage to blue hair. I shoved aside the elf with one hand and then stricked the blue haired woman in her neck killing her instantly and nearly decapitating her as I pulled my sword back. Reaction roll 2d6 for 12. Very favourable. The other patrons who silently watched all this unfold suddenly erupted into cheers and offered to clean the bloody mess.

Reaction roll: 2d6 for 7. Unfavourable. The elf on the hand didn’t seemed too pleased and jerked her blonde hair as she turned her back to me and headed towards a notice board in the corner of the room.

“What is that board?” I asked pointing towards it.

“That’s the quest notice board.” A bald ruffian with no shirt, a few missing teeth and bronze skin helpfully answered.

I headed towards the board and ignored the annoyed look of the elf beside me. First of all I needed something quick and easy. I had sustained last night and a few minutes ago and it still hurt. +10Xp to a total of 35XP.

The above solo RPG session was written with the help of the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. A free and open source Dungeons & Dragons retro-clone from the Old School Renaissance movement. Unfortunately I have never actually played any table-top rpg as I don’t have any friends to play with. Because of this I have made a lot of mistakes while doing this solo RPG session using my surface level understanding of the BFRPG core book.