RPI MUDs are where dramas at

MUDs are text-based mmorpgs. They are better than mmorpgs.

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The RPI (roleplay intesive) MUDs are still overflowing with drama and toxicity though. The wizzies on RPI’s have a more hands on approach so this leads to endless drama by players who don’t think they have been treated fairly or about players who the MUD’s owners have a preference over others. Many of the threads which have got the most comments on r/mud are about this sort of drama.

I am just an hack and slash mudder though and so the MUDs I play tend to be less full of drama because the systems which are coded in are more fair than what the wizards of a MUD tend to think about specific players in their games.

Basically in RPI’s those who run the game tend to run it more like a Game Master would in DnD, this works for table-tops because it’s just a few players but when the number of players increases it is inevitable that some players will feel excluded from the plots which invariably will centre around the players favoured by the MUD’s owners. I could give some examples of drama full MUDs but honestly it would be kind of rude and invariably based on rumours as I don’t play RPIs so I will abstain from giving specific examples.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to have drama. In many ways it is what keeps a community alive and kicking.