Why Season 2 of Re:Zero Sucks

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Subaru and the girls around him are also all insufferable except maybe the blue topped vegetable.

The sactuary sucks as a setting for too many reasons to mention but let’s start with the fact that Subaru can just leave the place and the trials are all stupid, the mass production pink haired 300 year old lolis are stupid.

Emilia is an unlikeable plank of wood.

The motivations of the witch are stupid. Subaru is cringe in the flesh without any single charming point, a whinging plot device.

I think I have aquired a hatred of track suits and the Subaru car brand at this point.

The resolution was not clever. The average Detective Conan episode has more thought put into it.

Every answer was just handed to Subaru, all he did was run around and beg characters for answers, Subaru did not figure out a single damned thing himself so it felt so unearned and cringe when he acts as if he had done anything other than floundering around, crying and dying until the answer was given to him by other characters vomiting exposition interspersed with low IQ interventions by Subaru.