Decentralised Parallel Institutions

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Right-wingers who thought Trump would win should reflect on whether it was wise to put their faith in the Proles and the Elite who have failed them totally except once barely in 2016. Excuses about demographic changes are pointless, the truth remains that the Proles simply allowed this change to happen because they listened to the Academy.

Above all else the right must stop focusing on the circus that is the Inner Party’s power struggle in Washington.

Why did Trump lose the 2020 election? The Cathedral wanted him to lose of course but why does the cathedral have so much power? Because it is a decentralised parallel institution.

This isn’t to say that all decentralised parallel institutions are bad. The family is also a decentralised parallel institution which is why the Cathedral views it as a threat and has sought destroy it.

An Englishman’s home was his castle until the Cathedral identified it as a place for a genuine private life where individuals rather than robots may be born. Geek culture is also being destroyed by the Cathedral for the same reason. The reason that the Cathedral won and the family and geek culture lost is because the Cathedral is less centralised than family and Geek culture. To destroy the family the Cathedral simply exploited the conflicting interests between men and women and the instinct to put even the short-term interests of women over those of men and children did the rest.

The legal proceedings were just a delayed finalisation of the destruction of the family in favour of state-run ‘private’ life carried out by legal experts who had been educated in the Cathedral run academy. Similarly Geek culture could simply be corrupted by educating those in high positions in the geek press and the corporate structures of large geek culture corporations. The Cathedral has become a lot more decentralised than the Academy it grew out of parasitically. Now almost every educational, state and corporate enterprise is controlled by the Cathedral. And it is no longer just these institutions but even ordinary people.

Many will point to the Academy as the core of the Cathedral. It is true that it is the core but it is no longer the heart so striking a blade through the Academy will not kill the Cathedral. The Academy itself is just the decentralised training grounds for acolytes of the Cathedral trained by the priestly caste which makes up our academia.

The only way to defeat the Cathedral is to create a Cathedral of our own which is more decentralised and robust than their own. Basically we have got to larp harder than they do. Many organisations on the left started off as powerless larps such as the European Union and the UN and crucially the Academy itself. It is easy to create parallel institutions. The hard part is to make them decentralised enough that there isn’t just one weak point which will make the whole thing collapse.

Then how do you create a decentralised parallel institution? Quite simply it has to be more than just politics, economics and ideology. It has to be tied to something else that people have an interest in plus the politics. For example rather than setting up a political club or community it is better to set up a far right knitting club as ridiculous as that sounds. It doesn’t have to be something as archaic as knitting but take something as open source software. It would be great if there was a right wing open source community. By this I don’t mean open source software that can only be used by right wingers but rather a group of developers that are openly right wing and opposed to the left and yet who at the same time create great POSIX software. Repeat this with table-top rpg groups, open source right wing game devs (the reason I am so fixated with Free Open Source Software is the low barrier to entry because anything can be forked and with enough will maintained), right wing anime review blogs, right wing online mathematics courses, right wing web comic circles etc… And slowly you you will have an entire right wing ecosystem such as that of the left. Meeting in real life is the best for maximum larping but otherwise just meet online and create right wing content about what you are interested in but not directly about politics.

The truth is that the type of politics you endorse doesn’t matter to people but rather they will judge your politics based on what else you have got going in your life and if it interests them. If they are interested in whatever sub-culture you are interested in and they see how good you are at it then they will respect you and by proxy they will respect your politics too. The reason that the Academy’s larping is successful is because it coasts on the respect that universities have earned in many fields. People actually want to go to left-wing universities because of the prestige that such an education confers. The right-wing needs to create spaces which are Elite at certain fields too other than the study of politics itself. To prevent left-wingers infecting parallel institutions they need to be openly right-wing. Right now the lowest barriers to entry are technology and pop culture so we need a right-wing elite in those fields and not at the Mises institute.

Basically what we need is a bunch of right wing communities in different fields which are modular with each other. Rather than focusing on the democratic politics which are simply a means for the left to legitimise its gains post hoc. The right should instead focus on how the left actually has achieved what it has. For example there is no point in looking at the Roosevelt dictatorship because it did not come out of nowhere but has its groundwork laid by many dedicated intellectuals for many decades before that. However don’t get caught up in the cloak and dagger act of the left either. The left conspires but so does everyone else. The question then is why do conspiracies on the left actually work.

The closest analogy to get my point across is the success of Google and Apple products. The left offers an ecosystem which like those of Google and Apple products makes it easier for its products to be modular with each other. If you have got a got a gmail account already then why not get a youtube account too so you can keep up with your favourite creators so why not also use their google maps service and give the entire location history of your life to google HQ and while you are at it why not use their online google docs word editor too? The same goes for reddit by the way, that is why that god forsaken website is able to retain users. I don’t even need to explain how Apple uses its ecosystem to keep its users locked down into inferior software and hardware.

How does the left offer this ecosystem? Well, quite simply if you want to be part of almost any mainstream sub-culture, educational organisation, academic community, unelected government position or corporation then you need to accept the tenets of the left or not actively oppose them. I mean you can try to oppose them but it would be like joining the high church of some cult and trying to change it from the inside. It is never going to work. Just disconnecting from the system is not really an option unless you are willing to keep running away from the left farther and farther away from the cities, to rural areas and finally to the wilderness itself until they get you or at any rate until they get everything and everyone around you that is of any value to you.

The alternative is to set up parallel systems which gradually are as independent as possible from the dystopian nightmare that the left has created. For example say that you are into Dungeons and Dragons and the leftwing corporate overlords at Wizards of the Coast try to inject poisonous leftwing ideology into your game sessions through ideologically minded changes to the rule books. Then simply look at the Old School Revival movement which has sought to save what was worth from old DnD and even released it all as open source as Basic Fantasy RPG has done. This may seem as a futile act but far from it because what we on the right should do is create some space for a private life of the individual and his liberty to make his own soul as opposed to the race of little fat men that the left wants to replace humans with.

After we have viable alternatives in many fields of human endeavour then these alternatives can enter a loose coalition with each other which does not have one weak point, which is full of redundancies and which can make do with its own cultural products by interfacing with each other to the exclusion of the system its wicked left-wing counterpart. Then those interested in those fields of endeavour may have to comply with our values as opposed to theirs.

It is sad that we cannot be open to everyone regardless of their ideology but look at what not explicitly excluding the left from our communities has led to? The total decay of our communities into shallow, cringe-inducing shadows of their former selves. For example in my own community, the anime community, now is full of calls for censorship of anime fan service based on left-wing cancerous ideology. They have not turned anime girls into disgusting androgynous things suffering from toxic masculinity just as the women in western video games and pop culture increasingly do but they will get there because the people getting into the anime press are trained in the Academy or at least educated in state-mandated schooling with teaching material by people trained in the left-wing Academy. Everywhere we let the left in they have betrayed us and our goodwill and so this is why I advocate that this time the communities we create should be unambiguously anti-left.