Top 10 Overrated Anime of All Time

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This is a list of overrated anime by people who should know better. I am not going to include any low-hanging fruit like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Sword Art Online, or Cowboy Bebop (in the main list anyway).

10. Monster

It’s alright but nothing as good as it is made out to be. Both the villain and the hero are unconvincing. The story makes it seem like the villain is such a mastermind that he can convince anyone to commit suicide, and although the script said so I just didn’t buy it – the anime was not clever enough to convince me this could be true. As for the protagonist hero-kun, he is basically Japanese Jesus on steroids helping out people wherever he goes because he is such a nice guy, I didn’t buy his character either. Everything just went too easily when he tried to help people, and this is not some comedy manga like Great Teacher Onizuka where you are not supposed to take it seriously. When you take those two out all that’s left is an okay thriller in Germany after or around the fall of the Berlin wall.

It is not ugly but the characters are nearly not as smart as the author makes them out to be. Also there way too many episodes where nothing happened except our protagonist trying to be Jesus. Detective Conan is a much better detective story, I recommend that over this. The sequel bait at the end sort of killed any interest I had. Can’t you have a conclusive ending with one side winning over the other?

Come to think of it the motivations of the villain were just little more than “I am Evil because I have trauma” *insert stasi child experimentation* and as for the protagonist it’s the same thing, he is just such a good guy that he wants to stop the villain even though there was no way he could know the child he saved was a psycho stasi child experiment. At least the villain didn’t end up trying some sort of 20th Century Boys tier world conquest conspiracy plan. That would have been really unrealistic.

The only good thing is the sightseeing across Germany (and the villain cosplaying as his cute sister) but having the characters prowling around Germany for the majority of the screen-time for no good reason (other than because Germany is pretty) does not help the story at all because it leads to filler episodes and deflates the tension quickly everywhere as the characters just leave as soon as there is a little bit of conflict.

9. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is little more than a tech demo. Mamoru Oshii’s best work. Yeah, yeah the first few minutes are kino. The philosophical quotes are not out of control like the in sequel cashgrab trash movie. But if we take the Major’s robo-tits out of the question, not that there is anything wrong with them (I mean just ask Masamune Shirou), what is left? A sequel bait ending, sure, but before that? Some cool religious symbolism. The villain AI spouts some nonsense about i am a hooman bean rights or whatever. Is that it? No, there is also this cool tank thing and the major’s arm comes off in a way that would make any Sakugafag coom instantly. There is also some tree of life thing like in Eva, and Eva is good right?

There really isn’t much else to say. I mean I could write an essay about whether the Major is human or robo-slut but so what? I don’t care why do you? I might as well write an essay about how angels can stand on a pin. That would be just as pertinent to anything, If you would bone her isn’t she human enough? That implies that if you wouldn’t then she wouldn’t be. That is a lot more true than one would expect but as you can see I am no longer talking about the anime at all which is what happens when an anime asks a question like that and then doesn’t have the guts to provide a definite answer and to show why it is the correct answer through the characters.

I could engage in speculation about the themes in this anime but that wouldn’t tell me anything about the anime itself. It is a bad thing to encourage this sort of thing, for one it makes it unclear whether the anime has actually got anything going for it, and secondly all sorts of nefarious individuals will twist the meaning of the anime to serve their petty political agendas turning the story into nothing more than another building block in some propaganda.

8. Akira

Akira is nothing more than a tech demo. Read the mango, they say, indeed read the mango for it is good but that doesn’t make up for the anime being meh. Sure, they did a lot of technically impressive stuff and the atmosphere still feels more real than a lot of what sakugafags today orgasm to. The anime is basically extremely clippable, you can get a clip from almost anywhere in the anime and if you share it you will feel so good about having such patrician taste in Mongolian animation. Everything else is not that good though.

Let’s start with the plot, it pretty tight like the protagonist’s girl friend who gets crushed to death, but if you think about it for a moment nothing makes any sense whatsoever if you don’t read the mango.

The characters don’t make up for it either as their motivations are all over the place. There is only the cool cyber-punk setting which doesn’t feel empty though it does not feel original either except for the “Akira, Akira, Akira” soundtrack and the neon lights left by the motorcycles.

7. Tatami Galaxy

Yeah the ending was good but what did it amount to? “You should do what you like and not worry about taking the perfect options like power-leveling in a video game putting the skill points into the right skill or something.” I get it, no matter what choice the protagonist took the outcome was not ideal meaning that there was no ideal way for him to act so he should just do what he wants rather try to calculate the result of every action he will take to his goal. That’s all nice and all but it was very, very tedious to watch any progress or change the characters made to be undone after every episode.

I just kept plodding through because I was told what a masterpiece it is and the ending was good but not enough to make up for all that tediousness. After all that naval gazing, the message was just some platitude too, something which is true some of the time – and we are not even shown a time when it is right except at the end when protagonist’s character suddenly gets rewritten and he is all assertive and all.

It is such a sugary platitude too – as if things always turn out well like that but many people are too busy having their minds blown by the unexplained contrivance of this plot, and indeed it is nice that there is some logic to whole tatami room multiverse – but this is just a distraction to avoid thinking about the conclusion because it is preferable to be swept up in the experience rather than sound like some sour edgy boy like the protagonist was made fun of for being.

6. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is an okay anime movie, not as good as Miyazaki’s Future Boy Conan anime series, but as far as his movies go at least it isn’t a childish story with nothing more going for it than pretty colours and visuals, as is the case for all of Miyazaki’s films. Miyazaki gets more childish as he becomes more senile.

The violence and the blood in Mononoke is good, as are the creepy visuals but what does it amount to in the end? Let’s face it I only liked it because I thought the tomboy girl was cute in it as was the romance between her and cursed protagonist-kun. I mean what was the point? Industrialisation is bad even though we are only able to be alive to say it because of it? Lol.

5. Grave of the Fireflies

Before I even knew what this anime movie was cheap propaganda for, I could feel that it was heavy-handed rubbish. There were a bunch of student delinquents in the 80s and Ghibli was trying to cash in on the hysteria in the press about Japan becoming a criminal hell-hole like in Akira. But rather than honestly taking on the issue of student delinquent like in Akira, we got this cancer instead.

It is such piece of impossible equivocation you have to see it to believe it. It took the suffering of children after the nukes dropped and in an incredible leap of equivocation and logic drew parallels to students in first world Japan getting into crime. The story itself is nothing great, basically two kids die because they are not realistic and push away the hand which reluctantly feeds them. No, this is nothing like kids dying in gang violence and you know it.

I expected the movie to be some anti-american pacifist nationalist nonsense but honestly this was worse because it wasn’t what it says it is about and I could feel the projection of the hand of current social issues reaching into the past where it is irrelevant rather than an honest straightforward attack on the thing it is against today.

Even though it is fictional I could feel the corruption of history. It’s like when Philip Pullman pretends that His Dark Materials is not just some anti-Christian tract in order to protect his sales and media appearances. It is sneaky, pathetic, and disgusting.

4. Serial Experiments Lain

“Technology is so scary” is all that this series amounts to. It may have worked when this anime series came out because people are afraid of the unknown (as they should be) but now that the internet has become commonplace it all comes off as cheap scare-mongering with creepy visuals to keep you awake.

Yeah there is a bunch of stuff happening in the background and the mad scientist antagonist coming out of nowhere but does it really matter what they are and do when the protagonist is literally God, not really. They never posed a threat to her so they do not matter in the least bit.

Also a lot of stuff is just creepy for the sake of being disturbing, which reinforces my view that Lain was nothing but scare-mongering about technology like the internet turning us into cyborgs or Gods or something as silly as that. Also it feels a bit dated how in Lain they keep on going on about The Wired, when in fact everything is becoming more and more wireless – this is not a big deal but it’s like those tacky computers in futuristic sci-fi series from earlier on, you know, like Star Trek – and the non-superficial predictions of Lain are as off as those of Star Trek.

3. Perfect Blue

The best Satoshi Kon movie. From here onwards his talent is headed downwards. Fortunately for his reputation he died of cancer before he could make any more trash as it was becoming obvious he was overrated and overpraised even to the normalfags because of bad anime movies like Paprika. Since he died nobody wanted to speak ill of the dead so soon, so he was forgotten, only to be dredged up occasionally by anime viewers seeking some normalfag friendly anime to prove to themselves and others that anime is serious business.

So what’s it about? The dark side of being an idol or something if you asked the typical MAL reviewer. Basically it is porn with misery porn about rape amnesia or something, the plot is not important, it’s just an artsy spectacle with some good violence splashed in for good measure.

You are supposed to care about what happens to the protagonist because she is being creeped on by some creep or had to have sex with a group of men to get ahead in her career or something other which would no longer be interesting if it was told in a straightforward and intelligible manner with no excuses about unreliable narrators as if this were some first person novel rather than anime movie and as if the anime could not just show what happened.

The reason that the anime cannot give a clear account even at the end is because it thrives on the speculatory masturbation of the viewers which is greater and more satisfying than whatever is inside the mystery box which is nothing more than bait for pretentious head-cannon of reviewers.

2. Paranoia Agent

Satoshi Kon’s okay TV anime series. It felt like reading a series of badly researched OP-ed’s about the social problems in Japan with a montage at the end of how we could solve them all by being honest and forthright or some other platitude like that. Given that it is a tv series rather than a movie this gave ample time for Satoshi Kon to explore and delve into his ideas revealing them to be hollow and empty.

It really felt like they were running out of ideas with that filler episode about making an anime episode. And I am supposed to praise that? No.

1. Kaiba

The most overrated anime of all time. How can I even begin to describe how bad it is? Let’s start with the ugly-cheap artwork which is made to look childish and cartoonish so it can shock you with a level of sexual violence you can find in your average doujin. The protagonist has amnesia and is over-powered.

So many episodes are misery porn morality tales which are equally one-sided and superficial, too much allegorical nonsense which made me feel I was drowning in a pensive preachiness which wasn’t even consistent. Too many ideas like body-swapping, clones etc… to the point where it feels like when someone is trying to find out what is the worst possible torture in hell and it gets worse and worse until it is meaningless. There just wasn’t enough time for all these ideas to be explored rather than haphazardly mixed together with the minimum care about how they would interact with each other.

Too many unmemorable characters, despite their designs all being so different they all had so little personality I have forgotten most of them already. The only thing I remember is how unsympathetic they all were to the point where I didn’t see why I should care about what happened to any of them. There wasn’t enough screen-time for most characters and the protagonist is an amnesiac with no personality 99% of the time.

The scale of the setting also felt incredibly small despite it being so vast encapsulating many planets, because every location was so indifferent from the other, the story could have happened all in a few towns next to each other and it wouldn’t have made a difference. The villain body-double comes out of nowhere and just as easily and unmemorably dies, not that I cared about whether the protagonist lost or won.

BONUS ROUND: Cowboy Bebop

Let’s face it the only thing which is great about Bebop is its soundtrack. The finale though good comes out of nowhere and does not redeem the anime as a whole. The moment I realised it was not good was during the silly gag cowboy episode.

BONUS ROUND 2: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

JoJo references are pretty much normie cringe, Fail, and trash. I just couldn’t care about the characters and the random powers they have. It’s just impossible to take seriously while the pillarmen are doing body-builder poses or whatever, what a joke, and an unfunny one at that. I gave up after watching three seasons. I just couldn’t do it anymore. A reddit-tier anime. Definitely not kino whatever the fanboys on My Anime List might say. No, it doesn’t matter how popular it was in Japan or whatever.

BONUS ROUND 3: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Fake and Gay. About one-hundred times worse than Sailor Moon. No, I am not impressed with re-used animation and lesbian sex symbolism using flowers.

BONUS ROUND 4: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

This is less deep than a Tokutatsu or a power rangers or even a powerpuff girls episode from the later seasons. The villains are weak. The protagonist has autism and wears ugly baggy clothes because of the cult of ugliness though hypocritically we are supposed to care about the pretty colours and animation. The Luddite anti-technology message is so tactless and cheap it feels like I am reading some third-rate nationalist religious tract. I don’t know nor care about the manga.

BONUS ROUND 5: Millennium Actress

Inb4 but muh themes, I didn’t care one bit about some old actress mentally deluding herself about being the characters she played when she was famous and young. If this went somewhere with her actually acting like a Chuuni like Don Quixote then I would care but she didn’t, it was all talk. She didn’t go tilting at windmills or anything, and I am supposed to care? No.

BONUS ROUND 6: Galaxy Express 999

I just had to drop this series after watching 55 episodes. It was just too boring. It’s all the same, technology bad Malthusian nonsense about humanity having too many children going into space to find “Lebensraum”(living space) only to degenerate into war over resources or whatever. The women are drawn beautifully but that’s all it has going for it. The mystery bait about a certain character being actually an immortal android got so fucking tiring when it was obvious to the audience but the protagonist is just too dense to realise it. And for what? To keep the story rolling in one place over the misery porn of side-characters who are there for like an episode and then are gone.

BONUS ROUND 7: Madoka Magica

I will admit this is a low hanging fruit but I am tired of hearing how great it is, about how it is a deconstruction of magical girl as if that matters. Sailor Moon was a thousand times better than this edgy, pretentious trash. People give Eva a bad name for over-using symbolism but Meguka is Rabu takes this to another level.

BONUS ROUND 8: Maworu Penguindrum

Watched for the OP song (Lock Over Japan) and the skimpily-clad penguin girl. Heavy-handed social commentary about the Sarin gas attack in 1995, on the treatment of the children of the perpetrators or whatever which amounts nothing more than pity/torture porn about children. By the same director as Utena, reveals him to be a hack.

BONUS ROUND 9: Di(e)buster

Cash-grab trash where a self-insert fantard of the original Gunbuster’s protagonist. By playing the theme of the original straight from the start about some cute girl becoming the very best just cause she wanted to, it undermined the hopeful message of the original as retarded. Also the setting is a thousand times more shallow because it is so far into the future that it just feels like pure fantasy as there is nothing familiar to indicate any logical continuity from our time to that of the setting. The grand, epic scale of the original is also gone even as the Mary Sue protagonist becomes literally larger than earth it doesn’t feel like it’s on a great scale, it feels like a cartoon. There is a lot of contrived, pointless inter-personal drama in place due to a lack of proper monsters which are a threat to the over-powered heroine.