Nietzche Contra Rand

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@Daniel Menefrego what I meant to say is that if I could convince myself that Greek myths and deities were real that would make me more heroic but it doesn’t matter whether ancient Greek deities were real or not only whether I believed in them.

Similarly if I believed in Christ that would make me a more decent man though not necessarily more heroic like the Greek deities.

On a side-note Ayn Rand’s romance novels (which I could not read through because they made me feel gay due to them being written from a woman-who-is-in-heat’s perspective) were a failed attempt at creating a new mythos reconciling the old Greek noble heroism which took whatever it pleased without even mentioning the meek and the downtrodden to the new nitpicking Platonic-Socratic-Aristotelian Judeo-Christian morality which has always sought to bring everything crawling beneath it and soaring above it to the same ground level as the little fat men fashioning themselves as Philosopher kings (who are its priestly caste) ever since Socrates.

The way Rand tried to reconcile them is by claiming that there is no conflict of interest between strong individuals and between the strong and the weak because the weak men can be strong if only they truly wished to and put in the work. Obviously this is all nonsense as there are people and individuals who inherently stronger and more superior than others and there are many, many more people who are simply born inferior and weak and who will never be great no matter how much they struggle.