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[The Question Answered]
What is it men in women do require?
The lineaments of gratified desire.
What is it women do in men require?
The lineaments of gratified desire. – Willaim Blake, Several Questions Answered

The relationship between men and women cannot be reduced to a simple antagonism obviously. It is true that we are all pushing our ideals on others and that’s fine to an extent after all we are the ones who have to live with and look at one another. Let me put it bluntly to the MGTOW crowd, what women desire in you is most likely what you desire in yourself. I don’t see a conflict of interest there. I don’t think that the MGTOW ideology has a positive effect on behaviour. I can understand that there are certain injustices in the family court system that ought to be corrected and that things like boys education in the west need to be reformed, however, these societal problems are hardly a reason to cast all women as hypergamous treacherous opportunists. All human beings act out of self-interest to an extent, that’s a given, for men and women, they are not saints. I am not deaf to the bitter men on MGTOW forums with their personal stories of being betrayed and humiliated by women – by their girlfriends, wives, mothers and by the women who they fancied, I am sure it hurts, however let me ask you this, in an ideal world in which going your own way was not necessary what would women be like? Would they be saints? Saints who would never betray you and who would never hurt you or stop loving you? If you look closely enough your desires are not that different from those of women.

I am tired of the ‘nice guy’ stereotype being plastered all over any debate people have with you, but keep in mind that just like you can’t help applying the standards you do on women nor can women help it. Any and every kind of discrimination is present and allowable during mate selection after all if you take away the right of others to discriminate who they want to have a romance with then on what grounds can you discriminate on what kind of partner you want? A solution to this can be found in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World where it is very impolite not to have sex with anyone who asks you to, but given the largely conservative underpinnings of the MGTOW movement I doubt that that would be palatable to you, and even if I am wrong such a thing is not possible yet.

To elaborate more on my point that ‘women desire in you is what you desire in yourself’ lets look at the most common accusation levied against women by MGTOW, that of hypergamy, now it is true that roughly speaking human females mate across and up dominance hierarchies. But let me ask you this, if it weren’t for women would you really want to be at the bottom of as many dominance hierarchies as you could?Obviously not, therefore there is no conflict of interest hereas far as mate selection is concerned but then what about after a couple has been formed and the girl runs off to another man with a deeper pocket purely because of his status? Well, then you have my full endorsement in evaluating her as a gold-digging whore. Now, onto my next point, actually it’s more of a complaint – I really don’t like the language used by MGTOW and for that matter the pickup artist community, talking about ‘alpha male’ ‘beta male’ and so on. Human behaviour outside of high school is a bit more complex than that (for one because there are many more dominance hierarchies to consider). But let’s set aside my amateur sociology before I make a fool of myself, if it’s not too late for that.

I don’t really really think I can convince you to stop being a MGTOW, I just hope this was an interesting read. But hey, girls are not that bad. They are just as bad as we are. Oops I hope I didn’t offend a feminist there. And remember try to treat people as individuals in your personal lives, give them the benefit of the doubt, they might just turn out not to be arseholes, in politics, ah, it’s hard.