Very Basic Vim and Command-line Stuff desu

Plus some keyboard shortcuts

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Useful Vim editor stuff and some linux mint mate command line stuff to copy and paste. The main purpose for this just as with everything else on this site is for my own benefit and reference so that in case I lose my setup or forget stuff then I can set this to set it up again somewhat. All of the stuff here I just got it from different parts of the internet and the documentation in programs and I have collected it for my benefit so I am not going to bother with bloating this page with sources. I am a n00b so remember that there are better/different ways to do stuff than I do here but this is just what worked for me desu desu desu desu desu desu.

Command line stuff

Vim stuff

Vim is God's own true text-editor which runs on windoze 9+1 too. As all tools that God uses it is keyboard driven. That bloated thing called emacs is not a text-editor but rather is a set of tools including a text-editor. It has so many tools it might as well be an operating system running on top of your operating system. Also unless you want to break and deform your hands out of all recognition you are going to use Evil mode on emacs which uses many of vim's good keybindings anyhoo.

Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys/Keybindings I use

To change keyboard shortcuts on linux mint mate go to the start menu and search for keyboard shortcuts then double click on what you want to change and then enter the keys you wanna use. You can also add new keybindings by clicking add obv.

Other Basic Stuff.