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Youkoso! This is my OC character design page! You should steal them and turn them into something actually good! But remember to let others steal from you too. It was so hard to come up with concepts for characters which gave me some extra respect for the creators of the stories I love. You may need to read my OC World History guide to understand what’s going on.

Nanjou Sachi

Manga artist recently freed from one of the Seventy-seven re-education camps for drawing a comic about Taiwan’s invasion against the Chinese regime. The current authorities are pro-Chinese but they don’t care that much and given that Sachi is a woman she is given some leniency by the law. Five years ago she was arrested by the Anti-Defamation Shisho Keisatsu (the thought police). If she had pretended to have changed her mind then she would have been released earlier.

Personality: Passionate, Creative, Selfish, Uncooperative

Sex: Female

Birth: 2 September in Aomori, Aomori prefecture.

Age: 24

Costume Dessin: Square glasses, shoulder length brown dyed hair.

Physical traits: Multiple plastic surgeries to improve her looks, dark long hair, rough hands for a woman, obviously uses make-up.

Height: 5 ft 3

Psychological traits: Passionate, Creative, Selfish, Uncooperative

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Blood-Type: B

Detective Stefan Kay

An ex-Scotland Yard British detective. He also runs an image-board out of his bombed out flat in Tokyo. Dubbed by the press as “The Failed Detective” except for by George Burton’s Dearborn. He has solved many crimes but Shelling Ford always ends up taking credit for it, not that he cared, and twisting the truth about what happened in the press. He often worked with the independent journalist George Burton, whom he met at a club for British people in post-war Japan.

Sex: Male

Birth: 6 January at 11 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Age: 23

Costume Dessin: Walking stick with a blade in it, khaki trousers, blue striped shirt, brown leather jacket and shoes, and a dark brown bowler hat.

Physical traits: Tall, lanky, blond hair.

Psychological traits: Easygoing, Leadership Ability, Insensitive, Unpunctual

Education: Mathematics and Chemistry at the Open University (He joined the police force as soon as he left school).

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Height: 5 ft 4

Blood-Type: A

Shelling Ford

The owner of a tech giant. Normally referred to as President Ford. A Fabian internationalist. Is in control of Japan’s communication network and uses it to censor and alter stories which might threaten the peace. Fabricated evidence for the Prosecutor’s office so that people who could threaten the peace can be easily arrested and sent to one of the Seventy-Seven re-education camps. Takes credit for crimes solved by Stefan Keys. He escaped from California during the Race war and Mexican invasion and in a short period thanks to his expertise being able to grow his communications business to be a monopoly useful for the government in peace control.

He also adopted the daughter of the last Japanese prime minister (Japan was now ruled by a Politburo like China was). The way he was able to gain so much influence quickly was by creating a virtual reality social network. The government also funded his social network allowed them to track people a lot more effectively, also it was one of the few successful businesses in Japan after the devastation of the war. The Chinese government was against Japan having an industrialised economy which factories and technicians which could be repurposed for war industries so the Chinese suppressed these.

Talented people from all industries flocked to big telecommunication companies like President Ford’s and Ford’s social network came on top. The Chinese government did not see a way that this social network could be used to military purposes unlike say shipbuilding and vehicle manufacturing plants so they did not suppress him – though the social network was banned in China to protect Chinese social networks – many Chinese citizens still made their way to it though, and the Chinese government wasn’t bothered enough by it to do something about it.

Sex: Male

Age: 38

Birth: 2 December in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Education: Psychology and Computer Science at Harvard.

Costume Dessin: A khaki sweater, dark brown tight brown trousers, black shoes.

Physical traits: White hair, inconspicuous spectacles, clean-shaven.

Height: 5 ft 8

Blood-Type: AB

Psychological traits: Talented, Composed, Eccentric, Two-faced

Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Dessin (sketch): Character face from different angles. Lol I can’t draw.

Commodore Calbraith MacArthur

Former American naval officer from Okinawa, is in charge of the Japanese coast guard, the only remaining Japanese naval force after the Chinese government abolished the Japanese navy. After the US navy disbanded he saw an opportunity in Japan and took it. Although he was disturbed by the police state he believed that things would change slowly for the better inevitably.

Sex: Male

Birth: on April 10 in Hatton, Ceylon.

Age: 46

Height: 6 ft 2

Blood-Type: A

Occupation: Head of the Japanese coast guard.

Costume design: Wears Commodore Perry’s uniform and smokes from a pipe like that of General MacArthur.

Physical traits; Blue eyes, a large nose, red cheeks, dark brown hair.

Psychological traits:

Alignment: Lawful Good.

George Burton

Independent journalist who runs his own news website called Dearborn. He thinks the government has not imprisoned him due to his website being in English rather than Japanese, also so as to appear broad-minded. He is secretly, unbeknownst to him, protected by Shelling Ford who believes than an accurate account of the truth should be kept hidden in plain-sight until the lies become unnecessary. Shelling Ford uses his influence with the Prosecutor’s Office to prevent the Anti-Defamation Shiso Keisatsu (the thought police) from censoring the Dearborn.

Sex: Male

Birth: 25 June in Motihari, Bihar, British India.

Age: 23.

Height: 5 ft 3.

Blood-Type: O

Psychological traits: Easygoing, Leadership Ability, Insensitive, Unpunctual

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Occupation: Independent journalist, runs a news website called Dearborn.

Education: Eton, then coasted through a Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree at Balliol College and barely achieved a third class degree.

Physical traits: Pencil moustache

Costume design: Brown leather jacket with a white handkerchief in his pocket, dark blue tie and shirt beneath that.

Baron Dr. Evola Wilhelm Viktor

The Eternal Jew, Cain from the bible is based on his story. An ancient German-Jewish aristocrat from Nuremberg who moved to Japan in an Imperial Japanese Navy submarine in 1944. He is immortal and wishes to die by creating God through The Human Complementary Project (aka The Final Solution to The Final Problem of the Human Individual) which involves unifying the consciousness of all human beings into one so that the human individual will be finally be destroyed totally by the collective. In 1918 he was an owner of a large bank in Vienna and he used his wealth to push for the surrender of Germany because the war was hurting his profits from international banking and because he thought that the first world war was going to be lost anyway.

In 1942 he was sent to Auschwitz II-Birkenau where it was noticed that he would come back to life no matter how times he was gassed. He was tortured by the nazi mad scientist Dr. Mengele who took particular interest in him because he was an immortal Jew who regenerated his organs no matter what Dr. Mengele did to him. As a sign of friendship by the Germans with the Japanese, after being tortured in Germany he was transferred to Unit 731 when Lieutenant General Dr. Shirō Ishiia heard of him. The tortures he endured included vivisection, land-mine testing, poison gas testing, sleep deprivation, syphilis infection, rape, frostbite testing etc... After being tortured so much in the name of science, the Baron judged that humanity was not worth continuing and that he wanted to finally die with humanity.

After the war he leaked the The British MAUD Report which had energised the American atomic bomb research, which eventually became the Manhattan Project. The report was handed over to the Soviet Union by Baron Evola, and helped start the Soviet atomic bomb project. He did this to prevent another war and alternately to destroy humanity if there was a war.

Sex: Male

Birth Day: 24 November in Troy.

Age: 315,081 years old.

Height: 5' 7"

Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Occupation: Rules the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) from the shadows.

Education: University of Wittenberg (1592) where he earns a doctorate in Divinity, Chemistry at University of Ingolstadt (1718),

Blood-Type: A

Psychological traits: Earnest, Neat, Stubborn, Anxious

Physical Traits: imperial moustache,

Costume Dessin:

Oberst-Gruppenführer Rudolf von Oberstein

A former Jewish SS officer who has now being virtually reduced to a brain in vat living in constant pain. He has decided to stay alive as his body crumbled until he could enact just revenge on humanity on behalf of and as his Fuhrer’s final loyal retainer because humanity betrayed the Fuhrer. He was a chicken farmer before joining the SS. He now works for Baron Evola, the eternal Jew due to both of them coming to the conclusion that there was no reason to continue history and every reason to end it.

Sex: Male

Birth Day:

Age: 207 years.

Height: 5' 9"

Blood-Type: B

Psychological Traits: Passionate, Creative, Selfish, Uncooperative

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Occupation: Leader of an underground Japanese far right movement.

Physical traits: Looks extremely old, ugly moles on his hairless scalp, olive-coloured skin, cannot raise his eyelids or move his lips, he is totally paralysed but thanks to late 21st century technology he can speak through a computer monitor next to his bed where a 3D model of his face simulates his facial expressions depending on his thoughts and voices his words through speakers while also lip-synchronizing it with the 3D model on the screen.

Basically next to the Rudolf in a coma with a bunch of cables fixed to his brain there is a video feed of a 3D model identical to the man lying in his bed with which others can talk to. Rudolf can hear what others say through a single microphone in the room but he cannot see anything as the parts of his brain related to sight were too damaged to be able to fix a camera to them – also the technology was too primitive and the pain was already bad when it just came to speaking and listening let alone sight.

Costume: The 3D model screen projection is in his full uniform though his real body is in hospital clothes.

Armeegeneral Degurechaff von Reichenbach

A former Stasi who believed in Socialism and Communism and now that they have failed Reichenbach saw no further purpose in continuing history and so he joined Baron Evola’s conspiracy.

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 9"

Occupation: Deputy in underground far right movement.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Blood-Type: AB

Psychological traits: Talented, Composed, Eccentric, Two-faced

Physical traits:

Rie Takamori

A young female Japanese nationalist. Adopted daughter of Shelling Ford. Her real father was the last prime minster of Japan who was sentenced to death and hanged at the Second Tokyo Trials when the Chinese invaded Japan. The Emperor and the royal family were also sentenced to death for ancestral crimes and so she saw no hope or purpose for the future of Japan and as such had joined Baron Evola’s conspiracy to end history by destroying the human race.

Sex: Female

Birth: 24 September in Kagoshima, Japan.

Age: 15.

Height: 4 ft 2

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Occupation: Shelling Ford’s adopted daughter. Secretly a member of far-right organisation.

Izumi Ibarazaki

Prosecutor for the Public Prosecutor's Office, Joint Coordinating Department. Greatly appreciates Ford’s role in bringing stability back to Japan.

Sex: Female

Height: 5ft 5

Occupation: Prosecutor.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Reverend Dr. Attila Kobayashi

Head of the Anti-Defamation Shisō Keisatsu, the thought police. Also a baptist minister. Formerly a member of the Belarusian NKVD, hired for his expertise and also to please the authorities in Peking due to his communist credentials. He moved to Japan so he could convert to Christianity and become a baptist minister where because of his past he was approached by Prof. Shibusawa, deputy head of the Security Bureau, because he was a fellow Christian but also with a communist past which Shibusawa figured would please the not communist authorities in Peking, China. Carries his duties without any feeling about them out of a respect for his paycheck.

Sex: Male

Birth: at Kunashir Island, Kuril Islands.

Physical traits: Despite being half-Ukranian and half-Ainu he mostly looked Asian.

Psychological traits: Talented, Composed, Eccentric, Two-faced

Height: 5 ft 10

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Blood-Type: AB

Education: Universita di Pisa, PhD in

Professor Arinori Shibusawa

Deputy of the Security Bureau, he loved the head of the Prosecutor’s Office, Izumi Ibarazaki, – and hated Shelling Ford because Izumi Ibarazaki believed and respected every word that Ford said. Prof. Shibusawa advocated the use of English and Chinese in the Japanese Educational system and of getting rid of Japanese entirely as a purely practical, economic matter. He was also a known Christian. He believed that Japan should abandon all ideological leanings and instead focus entirely on economic growth because in the long run economic power was the only power which mattered except maybe military power.

Though he agreed with Shelling Ford’s goals, Arinori was no idealist or internationalist per se but certainly a globalist who believed in global trade as the only way to save Japan from China and to bring peace and prosperity to the world.

Like the Chinese government, he believed in economic freedom but not political freedom because he saw political freedom as fundamentally de-stabilizing which was not good for business. From his position in the Security Bureau he tried to suppress all extreme political factions regardless of what they believed in, for his goal of a world free from politics. His opposition to the Prosecutor’s Office, other than it just being about competing for influence in the government between the Security Bureau and the Prosecutor’s Office, was also because in his eyes the Prosecutor’s Office was only prosecuting far right nationalist groups whereas in Professor Shibusawa’s view ALL political groups needed to be persecuted constantly and totally to achieve stability, growth, security and a healthy society.

As a Christian, Professor Shibusawa believed that people had replaced God with politics and so had begun to have unreasonable expectations about what politics can achieve leading to yet more unreasonable expectations being placed on politicians who happily promised them the moon and the stars. In Professor Shibusawa’s view only a managerial elite, of civil servants, technocrats and big business owners could be expected to take realistic political action based on material facts rather than ideological hopes which led to nothing but suffering and yet more unrealistic hope being placed on politicians. Shibusawa was also an advocate of local democracy because if people could be bogged down in small matters pertaining to them which they could actually understand then it might distract them from higher things like national and mass politics.

Above all Prof. Shibusawa feared a Demagogue which would lead the child-rat-like masses, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin did, to their slaughter. He could see such a figure in Shelling Ford which is also why he hated him, he believed Ford had already deceived Izumi Ibarazaki and the Prosecutor’s Office with his Charisma.

Sex: Male

Occupation: Deputy Head of the Security Bureau. Before that he taught Economics at University College London and then finally at Hitotsubashi University before being hired by the Security Bureau where he advanced in rank quickly to Deputy Head.

Age: 36

Education: Hitotsubashi University, PhD in economics.

Physical Traits: Missing front tooth, losing sight in his left eye due to an explosion in a terrorist attack during the civil war.

Height: 5' 7"


Alignment: Lawful Good.

Costume Design: Top hat and monocle (over his good eye).