‘It’s just a meme’ – Post-modern Reactionaries – The Alt-Right

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If there is no such thing as progress then there is no such thing as reaction either and so the ONLY difference between progress and reaction is that they are opposed to each other.

If all that matters is the relative power between groups then naturally universal principles such as freedom of speech or common decency do not matter. In their post-modernist world-view there is simply no reason, for example, not to advocate for the extermination of a group of people just for entertainment. Empathy? Oh, that’s just a primitive human instinct, or a social construct, either way it is bullshit anyway, why pay heed to it? They would say. But if they are a reactionary group, what exactly is it they are reacting to? Shame, the most prominent form of virtue-signalling in this age. This is the reason why they supported such a shameless candidate like Donald Trump to become president of the United States.

I do not actually believe that they are meming just for shits and giggles, there is an overlaying agenda that is quite obvious, if that were not the case then there would not be a definite political partisanship to their memes. The infamous 14 words evoke it quite simply: ‘To secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.’

What is the solution?
That is quite simple, stop trying to censor or to shame them and expose their arguments for how fallacious they are, engage them in open moderated debate and question their points. I intend to respond to some of their most prominent arguments in this blog.