Pros and Cons of Learning Japanese

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The main reason to learn Japanese is to remove the filter of localisation from anime, manga and most of all light novels given that they are more text than pictures.

Travel to Japan never appealed to me because I don’t like tourism. Perhaps if I had some friends to go to Japan with it would be another story, but just to around and look at stuff is boring to me. I can get anime and manga here in the west and I have no interest in anime figurines, gunpla, posters or generally any anime paraphernalia that will just lay about in my room collecting dust.

With travel and anime out the way that leaves “moving to Japan” as a reason to learn Japanese. What are the reasons to move to Japan? Love and peace. The women in Japan they are cute but if I can’t get a girlfriend here in Scotland how could I possibly expect to get one in Japan where it seems that the women have higher standards or that at any rate the men I would be competing against are better disciplined.

The brothels in Japan are enticing to be sure first of all because they are legal and secondly because most of them do not allow for sex itself which means less STDs around. Still from what I hear they can be pretty expensive and with the increase of immigration to Japan I expect a dramatic rise of human trafficking in sex work in Japan sadly.

Japan is peaceful and more or less free. I say “more or less” because that 99% conviction rate looks suspicious so does the lack of jury trials and the vague law against whistle-blowers in the press and government but other than that it is pretty good. he reason that Japan can be peaceful and more or less free is because it has kept its immigration low. Mainstream Japanese politics is mostly free from the sort of self-loathing, self-flagellating leftists who populate politics and the press in Europe.

Having said all that I doubt this peaceful state of affairs will last for long. Cross-contamination thorough the academy is inevitable. Once commercial interest in Japan gets a taste of cheap labour they will ceaselessly pressure the government to act against the will of the people and raise the level of immigration to western levels. Japanese academics following in the footsteps of their western counterparts will present oracles about how immigration is a panacea to Japan’s problems. The press and the entertainment industry which is also manned by those educated in universities will also astroturf pro-immigration views to pressure the government to betray its people and the government will most likely yield to these efforts as the civil servants who work for the government and the politicians themselves come through university.

There are already attempts to increase immigration by scaremongering about the low birth rates. Of course the birth rates would go up if the public pension system is abolished (or at least slowly phased out) and immigration is reduced. Most people will have more children only if they know there won’t be anyone else other than their children to look after them when they are old. If you import hundreds of thousands of immigrants to look after people when they are old then people are not going to go through the trouble of having children when it is much cheaper to get a foreign servant/nurse through your government subsided pension. The huge tax payments the young have to pay for the old do not help the birth rate either.

But why sort any of this out when you can just kick the can forward and let the problem get worse by importing millions of young immigrants to pay for those pensions through taxes and look after the old in low paid nursing jobs which will make migrants resent the Japanese because who wants to look after old people. Of course when these immigrants are old (they are not gonna leave lol just ask the Germans) they are going to expect to be paid pensions too . To pay for these extra pensions even more immigrants will have to be imported as the birth rates of the immigrants will drop after two or three generations of not having to have children to look after them when they are old.

The culture will of course balkanize and the different groups in the country will have to haggle each other to have their little bit of culture represented (i.e. so called multi-culturalism), As the bonds between people get fractured the state will have to step in to fill the void left just like in Singapore where to prevent the country descending into race riots the government has instituted blasphemy laws for criticizing any religion.

You can only have liberty where people behave themselves as the French have found out with the recent beheadings in Paris. Japan is a peaceful place for now but it might not be so for long as different groups migrate there and carve out a piece of the country for themselves.

It took a bloody struggle to unite the different groups in Japan under one nation, I don’t see why we shouldn’t expect the same to be necessary again to re-unite Japan once there are different groups in Japan again.

If I had children I would like to go to school in Japan because there is no discipline in the schools here in Britain. I am aware of the rampant bullying in Japanese schools and the over-emphasis on an academic route to the middle class (by which I mean that schools frequently have no connection to vocational training institutions and only have a pipeline to university where students often study subjects totally unrelated to the work they will do and often contrary to what they are interested in). Despite all this it is still better than the undisciplined mess that is “comprehensive” education in Britain but that’s another story better told by Peter Hitchens than I anyway.

If anime is anything to go by at least Japanese schools provide plenty of “extra-curricular” activities some of which are lead by the students. On the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of students simply shunned these activities to attend tuition classes after school which doesn’t sound like much of a youth. I will still list schooling in Japan as a positive with the proviso of not being a retarded parent who only cares about her child’s academic results and will ignore that her child has turned into some sort of lobotomised socially dysfunctional wreck who can’t even accomplish the simplest motor-skill involving task because that was not part of his academic subjects.

In conclusion I am just looking for an excuse to learn Japanese. Just like I am looking for one to learn Latin, Italian, Sinhala, French, und German. Learning a language sounds fun but it is very boring until you can read a bit.