The Absolute State of The Islamic World

It's not good.

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People died a lot earlier so they married earlier – so long as Muslims understand this and are against adults marrying children now in the modern age I don’t see a problem. In remote places like Afghanistan and in some remote places in Pakistan and the arab world pedophilia is still a widespread problem but most muslims in large cities like Cairo, Alexandria or Instanbul or Jakarta are not okay with old men marrying little girls of 6 years old and sexually molesting them at 9.

Mohammad did kill a lot of innocent people though and he wasn’t always merciful or fair to those who he defeated which is reflected in the bad attitude of muslims towards non-muslims in majority muslim places like Pakistan, it is still pretty bad for non-muslims sadly there is no sign of this changing. In a lot of majority muslim nations people are not even free to try to convert others to be non-muslims and there is a lot of censorship and state and mob violence towards those who seek to exercise their right to free speech by criticising and making fun of Islam. For example in Bangladesh, a relatively civilised country many bloggers have been killed by violent thugs who while not supported by the Bangladeshi government enjoy popularity Shia muslims and sunni muslims can be very violent to each other to the point where it may even cause a nuclear war in the middle east.

Even without the nuclear weapons so many thousands of people have died in Yemen and the Americans failed to turn Iraq into a decent country because the Sunnis and the Shias hate each other too much – the rise of isis in iraq was mostly due to Sunni muslims who felt that the Americans had simply subjected them to majority Shia rule. The Kurds are also another issue of course – the Persians, Turks and Arabs all don’t want the Kurds to have their nation so I am not saying it was all Shia vs Sunni which caused the failure of Iraq post-Sadam despite the trillions that were sank into trying to make Iraq into a free and fair society but Sunni and Shia hatred towards each other is grave danger at the heart of the Islamic world.

Other Islamic regions in South East Asia do not suffer from this issue as much as they are just majority sunni but the violent nonsense by Arab islamic scholars and clerics filters down to other areas of the Islamic world so this spreads the problem even farther beyond. Also the huge and ever-growing presence of muslims in the Indian sub-continent has been the cause endless conflict signalling to the west that co-existance with a large muslim population is going to be hard. Also the conflict further radicalised mostly Pakistani scholars into saying the most evil and violent things which then filter into muslims in the secular Indian republic and to Bangladesh too sadly.

Then there is Afghanistan and Israel which have been the cause of endless hatred by Islamic clerics towards non-muslims convincing them to concentrate on the worst parts of Islamic scripture calling for death to apostates and second class status to non-muslim minorities and lying to non-muslims in order to appear good until muslim majority has been estabilished not by conversion but by turning muslim women and men into brainless cattle who have children not because they love their children but literally to breed like rats as infestation.

Cancerous islamic leaders like Saddam Hussein also added fuel to the fire by saying things like that seeing all those women wearing headscarves in the west Islam will take over the west. I don’t mean to imply here that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist, in fact it has the right to exist over all other arab muslim nations because for the time being it is the only free and democratic republic in the region – though this may change with Israel’s own welfare class of brainless orthodox jews who breed like rats and are threatening to destroy that prosperous, democratic republic.

Afghanistan proved that the west could not really create a prosperous, democratic society out of an Islamic one which further confirmed the suspicions of Islamic clerics that the west was only there to destroy an Islamic society without any ability to create a functional society with a muslim population as the west claimed it was there for.

Muslims also tend to have a lot more children than non-muslims when they move to non-muslim nations so this also causes problems as this has a tendency of destroying all the civil liberties that people used to enjoy in these places because the higher birthrate means that muslim children will grow among a majority of muslim children rather than non-muslim children which means that these muslim children will most likely never learn about the value of liberties they have been born with but will come to hate these by seeing the non-muslim working-class as degenerate and grow in envy and hatred of the non-muslim middle-class society they will feel excluded from because they grew up among other muslims and racial minorities. This is the reason why the children of muslim immigrants tend to be more hateful of their non-muslim society than their parents and also the reason why it doesn’t matter how much the non-muslim middle-class kowtows to the children of muslim immigrants, the non-muslim middle class will still be hated by the muslim migrant’s children.

The muslim birthrate is going down fortunately but not fast enough to reach the non-muslim birth rates in the foreseable future. My guess would be that it will take around a century for the muslim birthrate to reduce to western levels which means there will be conflict when muslims move to majority non-muslim areas for at least a hundred years then things will sort themselves out as their will either be a muslim majority or the muslim population will cease to grow uncontrollably and so cease to be a risk of destroying all civil liberties and instead be just another group with a more or less constant or declining population.

Finally I would like to add that it doesn’t matter what actual Islamic scripture says – in the long term what matters is what Islamic scholars say that the scriptures say because most muslims don’t read and don’t understand scripture they just listen to what the scholars say about the scriptures. This is the same in every religion. The old testament says not to mix different kinds of clothing material but no one cares about that because that is not what the scholars say. What the scholars says eventually trickles down to the priestly caste which then preaches to the masses. That is how this works. The problem is that there are too many popular violent clerics and islamic scholars and not enough sane ones. This is made worse by the Shia vs Sunni wars and the recent failure of western interventions in Libya to create a funtional secular nation in the Islamic world. Even the Turkish government is going back on its westernisation attempts since Attaturk who created Turkey out of the total failure of Islamic leaders in the Ottoman empire, well the current Turkish leader wants to go back to emulate those failures and also build a lot of shopping malls as a replacement for a responsible fiscal policy just like all other failed islamic states. Insane groups like the Muslim Brotherhood were even voted into power in Egypt and the military in Egypt is the only thing preventing Egypt from degenerating into a Wahabi hellhole minus even the oil money. Similarly in Syria it was only a brutal dictator who could prevent the people from degenerating into savage, medieval religious murders mostly by Sunni fanatics against all non-muslim groups and Shias too. There is virtually no Christian population left in Syria – there is no point blaming a few foregin fighters the local population let this happen too.

I have heard some nice things from Tunisia but if there is any hope for Islam it is in the South East Asia region in countries like Malaysia which although majority muslim have not degenerated into torture and murder and mass persecution of non-muslims and ex-muslim atheists and there is hope that some criticism of Islam may be allowed to and even if not it is less likely to see disgusting behaviour such as the murder of journalists and cartoonists in France and Bangladesh. There is even a lot of freedom for non-muslim religions to exercise their right to free speech and try and convert muslims to their faith as they should be allowed to in any free society. The birth rates are still dangerously high but they are dropping at least so an economic crisis of overpopulation and lack of resources will be avoided even though it will be tight in that region. I have heard some bad things about how the Indonesian government is basically overspending itself into a deep hole of debt. The first step towards the secularisation of the islamic world is for some islamic countries to finally get a grasp of fiscal prudence (without counting free oil money) and therefore stability. The reason that islamic scholars and therefore islamic society is so extreme is because people are more likely to believe in God in times of economic chaos. The economies of Europe and America are a mess but they seem okay when you look at the absolute state of Islamic economies which a re either totally dependent on one commodity -oil or totally in debt or increasingly both – no wonder Islamic clerics are so insane when they live in societies with such a light grasp on the material world and so with such bad economics.

Finally as for Iran itself excluding its foreign nonsense, it is a world in itself, a civilisation older and greater than Islam so it is a lot more complicated but more than any other Islamic nation you get the feeling that Iran or to call it by its more poetic name, Persia could be and should be a lot better certainly more than its camel riding Arab counterparts that needed westerners to literally come pump oil of their land for them and the nomadic Turks living in the land formerly belonging to the Romans and thus not belonging in the middle east nor in Europe either, but the Persians have been there for a long time, longer than them all. Even when it comes to the backwards plagiarism of primitive Jewish tribes plagiarised by an illiterate Arab merchant they have a different variant than the newcomers around them but the feeling that things could have been better had the Americans not heeded the complaining of the British Labour government about not being able to engage in imperialistic broad-day-light robbery in Iran to engage in broad-day-light robbery in the form of socialism in Britain, had the Shah just not being so authoritarian and let Iranian peasants in the countryside live as they pleased. Something similar happened in Turkey but the Turks did not rebel and remained Islamic despite a secular, European, civilised exterior tough shell which took 70 years to crack but the Shah was not as great a man as Attaturk, no the Shah was just born into his status but still despite everything there is still a genuine secular society in some places in Iran which leaves that feeling that this could have been it, the one majority muslim nation to finally become a civilised country.