Incels and Birthrates

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@MrAJEO As for Japan as long as they keep foreigners out there will come a point when people will have to have children to look after them when they are old. That point has not being reached yet. When the huge ever-expanding pension system in Japan collapses things will change.

As for the west as long as cheap foreign labourers can be imported to look after old people then people will not be incentiviced to have children when they are old, nor will the pension system collapse as easily as the western government s will keep on importing new workers to stave off the collapse of the pension system so westerners will become a minority in their own nations probably.

Our ancestors did not have children out of a sense of duty to their ancestors or to us but purely out of necessity. As for the third world birth rates are rapidly falling there as well so muh overpopulation was never a problem just some nonsense economists who assumed trends would continue indefinitely as less children died in the third world thanks to western modern medicine.

Most women do not want to marry down and machines have allowed women to participate in the workforce thus reducing the incentive to marry and have children.. Mgtows(men sent their way), incels and herbivore in Japan have nothing to do with this. It is natural for a society to have many men who cannot find a mate to reproduce with. Incels are nothing new. A large proportion of men who do not have sex but just work have always been around. It’s just that now thanks to technology you can hear these pathetic men complain about their fate whereas in the past they could occasionally be heard through occasional mob violence by lower class men.

DNA evidence shows that we all have on average twice as many female ancestors as male ancestors. The reason for this is because historically most women reproduced whereas most men did not. How is this possible? Well, a few men can have children with many women. Women are the limiting factor of reproduction rates.

Incels and other lower class men who couldn’t reproduce never mattered to the birth rate because the number of men was never the limiting factor for reproduction.

Basically the choices or (more likely) lack of (reproductive) choices of a lower class proportion of men (call them Incels, herbivores, men sent their way or whatever) never mattered to the continuity and growth of any ethnic group.

The existence of Incels is controversial only because it messes with the NPC programming notion that the sexual consent of women has anything whatsoever to do with equality when in fact it can only be the very opposite of that.

Finally I would like to hammer in the point that your ancestors did not care about you and had children so that you could be here but rather they had many children simply out of necessity to survive and prosper in their own lives and then simply came up with some stories afterwards that they were not doing it for themselves but for their ancenstors and future generations.

To hammer it in further remember that even if you do have children most of your DNA will be lost in a few generations anyway. Do not get lost in posthoc rationalisations of necessity! Recognise them as such and step over them like the moral syphillis they are. To put it bluntly these NPCs calling you an incel are unintentionally more on the right track by being concerned more about their personal survival than some nebulous concept of ethnic/societal survival.

The past is another country although there is some continuity between you and your ancestors they would be foreigners in your country and so would you in theirs. When the necessity for it is there people will have more children in Japan.

Not in the west though cause we keep on kicking the can back through immigration but even in the third world birth rates are going down and the hysterical predictions of overpopulation won’t come through. Personally I hope that superior Artificial Intelligence replaces us after I am dead ofc.

This is a youtube comment I made originally as a reply to someone saying that the purpose of women is to be bred only to receive low IQ interjections by NPC. I hope this reply of mine served as a good rebuttal to him but I get the feeling that YouTube is shadowbanning my comments so I am not so sure anymore tbh.