Husky and Medley : A Yuri Manga Review

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Husky and Medley is a Japanese webcomic based on a real 2chan thread (1). Husky and Medley is a Yuri webcomic. For those of you who don’t know what Yuri is, its Japanese content aimed at lesbians, but not only consumed by lesbians. It does not necessarily have to be porn, as I wouldn’t categorize this particular webcomic as porn. does not list this as a manga because of its webcomic status.

Synopsis from

“The story begins when a female high school student (code-named “Medley”) who attends an all-girls school turns to her fellow 2ch anons for advice on how to find the “weak-point” of one of her classmates (code-named “Husky”), who Medley has had a long-standing crush on. On the urging of her compatriots, Medley initiates a somewhat suggestive conversation with Husky via text-message, and eventually builds up the nerve to invite Husky over to her house.

What follows is a chronicle of the girls’ budding relationship, with Medley dropping in to update 2ch about their progress and to seek out suggestions on how to take things to the next level.”


As someone who does not regularly consume Yuri fiction, actually this is the first Yuri manga I have ever read, my impressions of it is that its just a cute story about two girls falling in love with each other. It’s not porn even if there is some adult content. The manga is just six chapters long and I enjoyed all of it. The art work is simple and easy to follow.

However there were some inconsistencies with the hair colour in a few pages in the last chapters. I also found the first few pages a little bit confusing when the 2chan users suggest stuff to the protagonist.

The 2 chan thread on which this story is based off was adapted into manga format by PIxiv artist Kurosada, who posted the stories online on his Pixiv account in Japanese. I read the translated version of this webcomic on a website called Foxmanga.

Its a nice story, and even if the events in it may or may not have happened it is nice to see a manga exploring the sexual issues without making everything go over the top shenanigan which always makes it hard to take the anime/manga seriously as it is making fun of itself. I am talking about anime like Shimoneta here.

Watch this tribute video to these two real life girls, now off in college in Japan(2). Made by the Vocaloid artist DixieFlatline.

What I liked about this manga is that the events in it feel like they could have actually happened, it doesn’t feel contrived as a lot of romantic manga tends to be. The manga is very short, just seven chapters but this works in its interest, as there is nothing more boring than seeing a love affair go right. Given its length it also does a good job at giving the casual reader a glimpse into the problems two girls in a relationship might have. The direction in which the plot goes is pretty obvious, you know what’s next, but that’s okay, that’s the price it has to pay for being realistic, but that’s okay; I am tired of all those anime series which try to surprise you (and fail) by making one outrageous revelation after another until the entire story degenerates into (a predictable) shenanigan.

Recommendations: Densha Otoko (A Japanese drama TV-series about a loser falling in love with a girl after being encouraged by anonymous users on 2chan. This one is a lot less realistic than Husky and Medley but it was still a fun watch.


  1. 2channel, a Japanese textboard with the URL
  2. A few years after the original thread was posted, a 4chan user claiming to be Husky(one of the two girls) made a thread saying that they were going to college together.