A Final Solution To The Human Problem -Short Story-

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There wasn’t much left to do. The plan was already set in motion and soon humanity would be no more. The losers of history, of the twentieth century in particular, had gathered for one final time to celebrate the end of history. The sat around a large round table trying to look sombre and not to giggle like young girls but not all of them were there. Knowing that the end they wished for would soon be granted General-Secretariat Lukashenko of the Soviet Union and General Visigoth of the SS were in Hitler’s bunker waiting for the end.

Lukashenko was dressed neatly in the suit he bought when he first joined the party. He stood beside Visigoth who was sitting on an electric chair in full Nazi SS regalia but with many holes throughout his uniform for various tubes and wires which kept him alive.

“Given that it’s all going to be over soon, I thought I would ask you something.” said Lukashenko.

“Go ahead. Given that you went through the trouble of following me down here it must be something interesting at least.” Visigoth said in his synthetic voice.

“It’s all about to be over soon but could you tell me why you went along with this plan? I mean with Mordecai’s conspiracy to destroy the human race.”

“As the Fuhrer’s final loyal retainer I have sought to get revenge on the world that rejected the Fuhrer. Were it not for that I would not be hanging onto life to the point where I am little more than a brain in a bottle.”

“I see.” replied the old Russian bureaucrat to the 120 year old nazi cyborg. “I think I can understand somewhat. I always wondered how Mordecai convinced someone such as you to join us.”

“Ah is that so, the immortal Jew does make some convincing points whether it be out of honesty or cunning I know not. I still hate him and his kind but our goals happened to align. I imagine it is much the same for you.”

“You are right. I never thought that I would want to exterminate the proletariat but here I am reaching the same conclusion as you.”

“No, we are still different Mr. Lukashenko, in your case you are still ideologically motivated. As you beautifully put it the first time we met on the morning after the wall in Berlin fell, the historical inevitability of communism had been disproven and the October Revolution had failed and you could see there was no further point in continuing history, but you see in my case it is a purely personal revenge – it may not have been so at first but soon enough I understood I only wanted to carry out my duty to the Fuhrer.”

“Maybe if I had lived as long as you have then I would felt the same.”

“Now we shall never know but let me tell you even I now feel dreadful. It would have been better if you Russians and Americans had blown us all to kingdom come, or not come as the case may be, either way it would have been fine.”

Lukashenko gave Visigoth a probing look and was about to respond but just then their chamber was illuminated by a bright light which cut short their conversation forever. A nuclear bomb had been dropped over Berlin. Many more soon were to follow until every inch of life on earth was gone.