Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken Anime Movie Review

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The first thing that I should note about this show is that the animation for this movie sort of looks like rotoscoping just like in Haku no Hana, some viewers have found this jarring to the eyes but I mostly stopped noticing it after twenty minutes or so into the movie. This animated movie is actually a prequel to a Japanese live action film called Hana & Alice which was released back in 2004. You don’t need to watch the live action film in order to watch and understand this anime.

When I read the synopsis and watched the trailer, and read the translation of the title of this show which is ‘The Murder Case of Hana and Alice’ I was fooled into thinking that this was some kind of mystery movie and was thoroughly disappointed when instead of a slow paced movie about two high school girls basically having some fun, there were one or two instances when I chuckled and the stupid nonsense that high schoolers are willing to believe in and edgy stuff they do was reproduced perfectly but there was no tension or suspense throughout the movie at all. The genre of this show is comedy so if you go in expecting that you may be able to appreciate it more than I did.

Even though I say it is a comedy due to its realistic nature it lacks that campy, wholesome, earnest feeling that you usually get when watching anime aimed at girls like sailor moon.

Score: 5/10 Average.