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The Fall And Decline of Half-Chan

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@Brobotnick Anything for the lulz. The reason for captcha is because anons would write bots to cover whole boards in CP and get the feds to ban their own mongolian cartoon basketweaving board.

These must be different people though. I can’t imagine the average chaotic neutral /b/tard from the golden age of /b/ replying to suicidal 14 year olds asking whether to kill themselves with “do it f@ggot” suddenly turning a new leaf and caring about the fate of western civilisation and people.

The memes though were just better. Nothing wrong with pepe and wojak but they are reddit tier when compared to all the great memes from anons which were copied and driven into the ground by other sites like 9gag and reddit whose users did not make memes for the lulz but for internet clout/good boy points, look at what a cesspit reddit is because of reddit karma and upvotes. It makes me sad to see reddit spacing on 4chan these days. It’s still better than other sites but there are too many people from other sites. The tripfags have become worse too and offer nothing. The mods don’t care. Then again maybe I am just an old fag longing for the days we raided websites and memed just for the lulz. Remember when mootykin made a furry board for a day and then banned everyone who used that board. Remember when W.T. Snacks banned furries left and right and then was fired himself for spaggheti code. Remember when even some /a/utists against all odds were able to achieve something in their lives by creating the Katawa Shoujo VN, a surprisingly wholesome visual novel about fvcking crippled underaged anime girls. 4chan just feels more stagnant and less erratic and a bit too morally conscious than it used to be and looking for original content which was so easy now it’s like for single hay in a giant stack of needles.

Just put a picture of all the old memes from 4chan on one side with the new memes and you will see how much more inspired the ones were.

The above comment was deleted by the braindead youtube comment censors for having naughty words for you might see it. Always remember how lowly they think of you in too many ways to mention.