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Let me posit to you an extreme thought experiment. If all the women in Britain were to become infertile and if a massive adoption of babies from other parts of the world were to occur and eventually the entire population of Britain were to be replaced by people with different genes and races but with values and culture and mannerism identical to those of British people before the mass infertility, then would Britain still be British?

Next imagine this – one day suddenly all of the values and culture of the British people were to be replaced by those of ancient Japan but the people who live in Britain would still remain racially identical to what they were the day before this sudden change, then would Britain remain British?

The answer to the first of these propositions is yes and the answer to the second proposition is no. What makes Britain Britain is the British people and what makes the British people British is their values and culture. The culture chages to varying degrees from area to area all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland but the value placed in Liberty is common to all of Britain. The race and genetics are just the superficial appearance of the people in Britain that cannot carry the depth and weight of any individual or people, British or not.

I don’t like the fact that ethnically British people are having less children and how their percentage of the population is decreasing. I like the way that white British people look. Therefore it would be a shame for their kind of appearance to become rarer than it already is. I also believe that no ethnic or racial group should be eliminated or erased from this world. Some drastic steps ought to be taken to increase the birth rates of natives in the developed world to reasonable levels for both economic and culutual and reasons.

The ‘aestethics’ of society are valuable but they are less important to the actual values that people hold. Actually given the advances in genetic engineering and cosmetics, I wouldn’t be too surprised if in around a century preserving a kind of appearance may not be entirely dependent on raw population numbers but more on trends. Therefore what we need to put values first, then culture and finally appearance.

This post is a response to the youtube discussion on the Kraut Streams youtube channel which is linked here. One of the people on this stream said that the chinese regime is illiberal beceause of the genes of the Chinese people, if that were the case then how do you explain the protests in Hong Kong, how do you explain Tianemeen Square? Not to mention that this just shifts the blame away from the Chinese regime to the supposed inherent submissiveness of the Chinese people. What about the dictatorships of Europe in Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany and elsewhere, how do you explain those if liberalism is suppposedly in the genes of Europeans. The reason that most of Europe is liberal is because it has chosen to be free through the hardwork of many individuals and it would be an insult to them to suggest that Europe is free because of the genetic makeup of the European people.