Gekkou Light Novel Review

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Gekkou means “moonlight” in Japanese(or at least that’s what my JED dictionary tells me on my android phone). It’s a one volume light novel(which means that it is a novella aimed at young people with a few illustrations in it like the one above). I think it falls into the Mystery and Romance genres.

The story-

The story follows the relationship between a cynical (and bored) boy and a seemingly perfect (and usually sarcastic) girl. Said cynical boy one day finds a paper titled “Murder recipe” inside a notebook that belongs to the seemingly perfect girl. To his disappointment however all that the “recipe” contained could hardly be called a plan, they were just scenarios in which someone could die. But when he goes to school next day to ask the girl about the “murder recipe”, he finds out that the girl’s father had died in an accident in circumstances similar to those described in the Murder recipe…

The characters:

Nonomiya: Said Cynical boy who is bored of everyday life.

Youko Tsukimori:The seemingly perfect girl in whose notebook the murder recipe was found in

Chizuru Usami: Well to be honest, she is just the other girl who is interested in Nonomiya. That’s all. I initially thought that the author added her with the intention of using her to advance the plot but no nothing… She is just the other girl who is interested in the main guy.

Konan: An unconventional police detective who will later work with and compete against Nonomiya to solve the case. I think that him along with Nonomiya and Tsukimori are the most interesting characters in this light novel. It is always interesting when Konan and Nonomiya talk to each other.

Mirai Samejima: Another character who I hoped would play a greater role in this novel, but who I nonetheless found interesting in the few instances she was present. Mirai is a senior at Nonomiya’s workplace who claims to go to University. She looks pretty but her violent and self-centerd attitude makes it harder for others to associate with her.

My opinion:

Well, it wasn’t the best mystery novel that I’ve read but I am glad that it did not completely degenerate into a generic romantic comedy. As for the mystery aspects of the novel, well as long as you don’t get into it expecting Agantha Christie levels of mystery, then I think you should be fine. The novel is written in first person and so in such a way that high schoolers bored with their life can relate to the main character.

I actually got into this book with very low expectations especially when I felt that it was going to be some generic love story about the bored guy and the perfect girl, there is a small part just after the beginning of the book that goes that way but do not be turned away, it gets better. The mystery picks up and characters start to act in ways that we would not expect them to, but not without a motive but the motives will only revealed to you later.

The mystery does not get entirely solved but I was satisfied with the turn of events at the end of the book. I could go into more details but I do not want to spoil the whole thing for you.

The rating: 3/5