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France is dead. Who can say ‘Vive la France’ today? With 8% of the population of France being Muslims and rising you can forget all about freedom, equality and fraternity. Many others have discussed the issue so I will leave it at that.

What is the solution?

Either deport all muslims in France or give total direct total control of all Islamic activities in France to the central government in Paris. Reform to Islam is not going to come from below so the French government should institute reform to Islam in France from above. Every single word that comes out of the mouth of a Islamic cleric in France and every single word in Islamic publications must be written by the French government and must emphasise secular values of the French state over Islamic ones. All Islamic places of worship should also become property of the French state. In order to protect the civil liberties of France in the long term it is necessary to suspend them now until Islam in France has changed to something new.

The simplest thing to do would be to deport all muslims but the French government won’t do that because the French people are too decent and selfless in a way that no Islamic society is or has ever been and so what is left is either authoritarianism towards the entire French population or just towards the Islamic population. What I am suggesting here is no less than the total reform of Islam to match the values of the enlightenment so of course it would more likely than not fail but the alternative is to submit the French people to an unfree state that would make Vichy France be free by comparison. Further immigration of Muslims into France should be stopped and incentives to have children in France should be removed.

It is impossible for the French state to create a new secular Islam while violent mobs of uneducated peasants from all over the medieval Islamic world keep on crowding France. Other measures like conscripting all young Islamic men into the french military and naturalising all Muslims in France while taking away their other citizenships may be considered but what is needed at least for any hope of a reform of Islam from above given that a reform from below has failed is the A. The isolation of the French Islamic population from other Islamic populations and B.

The total re-education and management of every aspect of the life of muslims in France by the centralised French state in Paris. This is the true price of “integration” – integration is not going to come by itself when the population of immigrants keeps on increasing due to immigration and a difference in birth rates. If the French people and the French state wish to be responsible for the reform of muslims in France rather than exiling the muslim population or submitting to islam and ending French civilisation once and for all then they must pay the price for it by committing the crimes against liberty that are necessary to commit against an unfree people to make them free. The French of all peoples must know that liberty is not cheap and that a lot of blood may be spilled in order to graft it on a people it is hitherto foreign to. Our lack of conviction is our weakness and their faith is their strength.

Having said all that another factor that might be worth looking into is the drug use that goes on in Islamic communities in the west. Drugs rob people of their rational capabilities which are the requirement and justification for liberty. Drug abuse may go someway to explain the violence of muslims. Peter Hitchens is the only one who has looked at this angle because he is a contrarian maybe even more than his brother. By ‘contrarian’ I mean willing to take an opinion that is different than that of the factions on his side.