Orwell’s World of Little Fat Men

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As Orwell praised the virtues of working-class men and the lack of any excess fat in the buttocks of sturdy miners Orwell could see what H.G Wells could not. He could see that we are headed to a world of little fat men – not one of great men.

Orwell being a Marxist-Materialist believed that this was inevitable because of mechanization. On the one hand expensive, hard to produce weapons such as nuclear bombs meant that now we live in a world of inconquerable empires which are as stable as the slave empires of antiquity.

On the other hand, mechanization also meant that physical danger has become uncommon and so courage unnecessary.

The reason that we millennials heap our hatred and hurl our sophisticated disdain towards strong men, dictators, is because we ourselves are weak men who cannot survive without the constant protection of the state and the comforts of industry and of trade.

This is one possible Marxist-Materialist mechanistic explanation as for why we find ourselves in this world of weak tyrants. Orwell’s explanation, however, is incomplete as it undermines the power of ideology in its explanation. Orwell was not enough of a Marxist to grasp the full unlimited power of ideology.

He could see that men could be convinced to live under state-directed pauperism and total tyranny but in the end, he could not grasp that philosophy alone, not material conditions, is the motor of history.

If not material comfort then what has led to the fall of western civilization (i.e. civilization)? In one word, Christianity.

With that said I would rather live in a Christain society than in a non-Christian one. Why? Because Christianity is more pagan than secularism and secularism is more Christian than Christianity.

As for the other cults they too are all subservient to western (i.e. Christian) ideals. Europeans do not know the totalizing power they wield over the world -only the left knows – the entire world is at different speeds approaching European civilization.

The left too is merely another spectre of Christianity unleashed upon the world by Christianity itself. Christianity itself has lost control of the left because the left is an even purer distillation of Christianity.

What is Christianity itself? A distillation of Judaism. A slave-morality – not as much as Christianity which is in turn not as much of a slave morality as the left.

The reason I keep referring to the left as if it were a monolith is because the left exists on a spectrum (of autism) whereas the right is whoever happens to oppose the left at that moment. Or in other words, there is no such thing as the right.

I will not labour on this point because it is irrelevant and at at any rate my opponents on this point feel like they are too clever to understand it,

Simply put there is an over-emphasis on the suffering of the weak above all else. It is self-pity mimicking pity for others – not that it would be any good if was pity for others as one often leads to the other.

Take for instance the hysterical movement to ban lolita hentai because it “might” hurt the feelings of children. Of course, more often than not it is misguided and the people in it have not lifted a finger to actually help a single child who is abused but let us say that it was genuine – so what? It would still be borne of an instinct to protect the weak at the expense of the liberty of the strong to act their will. Even when their will is something as flimsy as drawing a violent act let alone act upon it.

Again look at the movement to protect weak women from depictions of beautiful women because the inclusion of superior women in the media will hurt the feelings of the weak. Of course, the hypocrites would never even consider helping the weak when it actually comes at a cost to them.

Take the issue of incels for example. Incels are the very definition of weakness but because the improvement of their well-being would come at the expense of the virtue-signallers the incels are mercilessly mocked and despised for their weakness – and for nothing else despite what the hypocrites may say to themselves to justify their hatred.

The idolization of primitive people such as Muslims and native Americans also comes out of this love for weakness and hatred of the strength of the west. In the end, they will not be satisfied until they have everyone including the primitive people to little fat men who are just happy to consume products.

This is why I have some empathy now with the Muslims who despite western civilisation but they too are just children of western civilisation and so they will be “integrated” into the degeneracy of pity for the weak above everything else. The birth rates of Muslims are also going rapidly down despite the fears of European nationalists.

The violence by Muslim extremists is just the final act of a culture which is being altered from the above, from the universities just as the west was gutted from inside out and stuffed with wool. Because culture flows down from philosophy and philosophy flows down from the academy.