Time of Eve Anime Review

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In this cafe, there will be no discrimination between humans and robots”

“We look the same, but inside we’re different.”

“We’re all so different yet so much alike… So, a lot of times this is what goes through my mind… What do people think of me? I want to talk with them and understand them… And I want them to understand me.

“They say there’s nothing in your heart when you’ve just been born. It’s empty. But, see, you talk with lots of people, and feel and see lots of things, and gradually your heart fills up.”

“Would you eat a tomato created by machines?”

“I didn’t want to play in front of you. Before I knew it, I’d stopped playing. I would hate it if even you got good at the piano. But …. To hell with all that!”

“Are you enjoying the Time of EVE?

In the future, probably Japan.

“Robots” have seen practical use for some time.

This is an era of the widespread deployment of “Androids” – This is basically the premise of this show.

This series is only six episodes each only long only around 15 minutes except the last one which is more than 30 mins. This is a slice of life anime, and if you know anything about the slice of life genre then you should know that this absolutely means nothing.

Most sci-fic shows about robots involve some kind of utopian or imperfect utopian setting but not this show, everything feels calm, realistic and normal. But that does not certainly mean that there isn’t anything going on during the show. The plot moves on in very subtle way and there is a lot going on in the background, those that are against robots and those who are for the use of robots, the propaganda involved in all this. It was all subtly interesting for me, every episode is centred around the issues surrounding one or two characters, thus allowing there to be enough character development even if the series was extremely short.

This show is mainly about the relationships between robots and humans but I felt it is equally about the relationships between people as well- “We’re all so different yet so much alike”- says one of the robot characters, but I think that this applies to people as well.

Overall I think it was a well thought out show(even if most of the stuff here might not be new to you if you’re used to watching shows about humanoid robots, still I think it was well executed), and it didn’t need a “Oh shit the robots are killing everyone” moment (Can you remember I, Robot- anyone).

Here’s a link to legally watch it online for free- click here