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Retalk is doujin (fan made manga) which attempts to finish the ending of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series. I have heard that it involves some time-reset nonsense so my hopes are not too high. I wonder if the fan theory that everything returns back to normal came from this doujin though the official manga also does something similar. From the start the artwork is not always as good as a real manga but it is not by any means bad like something out of a cheap webcomic trying to look like a manga.

It is only four chaqpters and after the tedious atrocity that the remake movies have become I doubt it could get any worse than that. There is an adult version which came first and an all ages version without the sex scenes. I am going to read both just in case something interesting was added to the all ages version.

I read the first chapter and turns out there isa chapter 1.5 as well which is absent from the all ages version which adds nothing and removes a lot of content. I have decided to stick with the adult version since it is the more complete version. The artwork does not get much better. The characters especially Shinji looks a bit goofier than normal at at times.

There is a chapter 1.5 and 3.5 so I guess technically this means that there are six chapters. The chapter starts off with a time reset and moves with a very fast pacing with an over-powered Shinji using his prior knowledge of events to get Asuka to sleep with him. Rei kills herself because of some love triangle nonsense which existed only in the mind of the fans. Asuka's character changes too fast but for a plausible reason(He puts his life on the line to save Asuka like a damsel in distress and gets away without any major permanent negative consequences like a shounen protagonist). Shinji's character is a bit unnaturally manly but things still don't go his way so there is enough going wrong for this to be Evangelion. The writing certainly better than in Evangelion 3.33. Shinji can also see the ghost of the bandaged Asuka who he strangled and in this version apparently killed. Honestly I don't care whether this is all in Shinji's head or not.

Chapter two starts off with Shinji using his prior knowledge and shounen protagonist tier powers out of the ether to defeat the angel in the sky which mind raped Asuka in the original series. So far the moral seems to be that if only Shinji had enough power to get things his way then everything would be all-right. Or in other words that the problem in the original series was that Shinji was not powerful enough to kill all the angels and get everyone's approval. Basically that it is results that matter. Actually this may be correct after all the problem was that Shinji was not strong enough to save Asuka.

Asuka is acting a little bit too dere dere over Shinji but okay.By the end of Chapter 2 we are back to the hopelss evangelion we all love and hate to know but I smell another time reset come next chapter unfortunately.Lol she was alive after all which is the same as a time reset. It all feels less impactful. LOL I was bamboozled after all and she is dead again.LOL she wasn't dead after all and Shinji is an Angel but not Kaworu.

If all the covers for these chapters don't convince you that Asuka is best girl then I don't know what will. My favourite so far has been Chapter 3.5's cover. So it turns out that Shinji's dream was that of the traditional conservative family fantasy devoid of ambition and greatness and great struggle but peaceful, stagnant to a degree which is not possible and with a lot of sex. This does not sound like an altogether disagreable thing but it is certainly boring to watch all that struggle for this. Having read all 4 chapters the pacing does get somewhat better. I am not exactly sure what the hell is going on with so many time resets and alternate versions of the world but frankly I no longer care to find out. There is a sequel of 108 pages which I am reading right now called re-take after.

It actually makes no rational sense for Shinji to love Asuka other than because she makes him horny and even that does not make sense when it comes to Asuka's infatuation with Shinji. Frankly what I wanted to see was what happened to the Shinji and Asuka after the ending of the end of Eva, after all that is the hook of this story but this is more of a spin off just like the rebuild movies but with better writing. All that is left is a sense of exparation hoping to see these characters get a good ending but once they get their happy ending it all becomes so uninteresting and ordinary and so the writers both of this comic and of the rebuild movies have to trash character and plot development over and over again to regain that sense of chaos and progression.

The impasse that the characters have reached can be summed up as a misunderstanding that to put it bluntly having dirty thoughts and loving someone can be seperated. They cannot but this is such a superficial issue that it just feels annoying having Misato have to lecture Shinji about this. Thinking back what Evangelion said was not that complicated or revolutionary but it was rather what was hinted at that gets everyone's knickers in a twist against Shinji. That his value is nothing more than his utility to others and that other than as an Eva pilot he is useless to everyone but more than that more unacceptably that the lack of attraction of the women around him stems from the lack of utility they see in him for themselves.

It is funny and sad seeing this final chapter try and justify Asuka's attraction in vagaries about eating toast together in silence, the sunset while returning home and so on. These are the things which are left at the end of a relationship when not no embers are left, only white ash."Little by little...He unlocked my heart" she says as if it were some sort of video game achievement.

The sad thing is that even as I write these things, no, all the more as I write these things I wish that two of them end up together. I wish to see that moment and maybe a little more before it gets tedious.

There is some kind of reboot of Re-take called Kai which hasn't been updated in two years. The drawings in it are much better but it is an incomplete mess and it has that pointless character Mari from the rebuild series.

Shinji is the opposite of Yabuki Joe from Ashita no Joe. Shinji is not driven and sees the big picture to the point where he is blind to what happens around him whereas Yabuki Joe is purpse driven and does not spend any time thinking about abstract concepts let alone the big picure. Who is the hero? Come to think of it this fan manga has a pretty good potrayal of how Shinji thinks.

The reason I decided to write this web page is that this is a doujin, a fan work, so it does not get listed on websites like My Anime List even though it is just as good as plenty of real manga.