Zoku Darakuron: Discourse on Decadence by Ango Sakaguchi

To fall beautifully.

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There's an essay by Ango Sakaguchi called Discourse on decadence. You can read it by clicking the link above. It is fairly self-explanatory, and pretty short so I won't bother going into any detail. Besides I have pretty much given up on blogging- this is more of a journal and nothing more. I have tried showing this essay to a few people but they weren't as impressed by it as I was. Maybe I am just easily moved, to be honest I am not sure if there is any principle to behind which things move me and which don't, maybe there is but it eludes me and even if I could explain it to others, I doubt it would change their feelings to match mine.

At any rate, what I liked about this essay is how it explored the beauty of people who have resigned - no, who have accepted their fate. I am so tired of all the projection and seething encapsulated in words like, "cope," "clearly you are making up for something else," "sour grapes," and yes in "seething" too. I think that if I write anymore I'll just go off on a tangent about things which are less relevant.

To keep it short, the essay is about the Japanese in post-ww2 Japan and basically how people just moved on with their lives and adapted to whatever was necessary to live, including bad and impure things, and that in living they would inevitably create new things and values and purity so that there is no need to be fixated on the past and on despair. This was inevitable, and good because there is no other shortcut to "salvation" other than to "fall." As that quote from Eva goes, "The Fate of Destruction is also Joy of Re-birth."

I think that a lot of people can't accept that they have lost, that they are losing because they want to believe that their principle will lead them to victory, even total victory. Here is a man, and a people, who had accepted they had lost, no that they were still losing and falling beautifully.

This post is also a response to Parz's post about aniblogging for 5 years, as I just copied some of his comments he made there, so briefly on that I guess the appeal of "blogging" or whatever it is I am doing on neocities (and now back on wordpress) is not that different to databasing on anidb. Except rather than databasing anime, I am databasing my thoughts (in a very loose manner). Maybe it's just a sunk cost fallacy but maybe those are just the words of someone who hasn't yet accepted their "fate," "principle," "who they are" yet.

Also I would like to congratulate Parz for keeping it up for 5 years. I myself have started and deleted many blogs , usually what happens is that I get embarrassed of what I have written and delete it, even though there isn't anyone reading it in the first place - so Parz obviously has a strength that I did not have. Miraculously I was able to restore most of that deleted stuff on my neocities site through web archives and usb flash drives.

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