Lolberterian Freetardism

Antitrust is Cancer so Copyright is Cancer.

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Antitrust is cancer but copyright is even more cancerous – antitrust laws exist because copyright and “intellectual” rights exist – cancer begets cancer. Chrom(ium) is open source so it is fine. Google should be forced to open source all of its other products though. Open source software is the most competitive. All games must be forced to be open sourced too.

“Intellectual” rights are a perversion of property rights because it if you can’t do anything you want with something you have bought including selling copies of it and modifying it then you don’t really own it, you are just renting it. Repeat this process with every product from your computer to your phone to your car and soon enough you will not have a property owning class left in any meaningful sense but just a class of rentiers who own property just in name but cannot do and do not even know how to do anything with what they own other than what the real owners of property, the owners of the “intellectual” property have allowed them to do.

The rapid rise of China’s economy has in large part being because of the high competition of a market in which “intellectual” rights mean very little. Similarly the rapid fall in the creative output of the west has been due intellectual property hoarders like Disney who have squandered properties such as Star Wars and given that they are the intellectual property hoarders/holders of Star Wars this means that no one can create good a Star Wars film anymore – if anyone could create Star Wars films then there would be more competition and with more competition better Star Wars films – repeat this intellectual property hoarding for every good product and you have a reduction in competition and in quality of all products across all sectors in the West except one – free and open source software.

Even despite the cancer which is Soysystemd it is undeniable that most of the best software has been clustered in the open source sector precisely because it is easily possible to fork and therefore to actually own the software that you use. Similarly the most creative output has been out of the Japanese manga and anime industries, not because there is anything superior about the Japanese (there is not) but because of the culture of copying and piracy overwhelmingly present in the Japanese manga and anime industries despite the squirming and squealing of Japanese anime and manga intellectual property holders/hoarders and their shills. Only when the danger of others copying there products will the original creators bother to improve their products and only by copying the creators/creations they admire can new people enter any industry, remove the ability to copy, distribute and modify a product and you remove the fire under the original creators making them passive moreover creating zombie-like passive “consumers” rather than property owners who own their software, art etc.. and can create their own.

Just look at the cancerous culture of closed-source software such as microsoft office, iOS and adobe with all the hallmarks of hollow conspicuous consumption and brain-dead “consumers” who have no idea whatsoever about how their software runs or how to modify it but instead have turned into rentiers for the centralised “cloud offerings” of property horders like Micro$haft, Apple (spit) and Adobe (lol). Now picture the same rentier class model spreading into every other sector of our lives. That is the future unless we stop it – and the only way forward other than forcefully and violently turning back the clock of history, the only way to be a good lolbertarian, is to go full freetard.