Nobody really cares about ‘liberalism’ and ‘democracy’ I am afraid

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During the last few years I have seen too many instances where I have heard someone say that we should suspend freedom of speech, the assumption of innocence until guilt is proven, democracy etc… when it advantages their political opponents. I suggest we should stop trying to pretend we care about things like ‘liberalism’ and ‘democracy’ and instead just set up rival militia and murder each other. That would be a much more honest way to practice politics today. Everyone just thinks that it would be better if tomorrow all of their political enemies would be wiped off the surface of the earth or sent straight to hell right away. But why won’t we do just that? Because we are cowards. No one is willing to even put themselves in harms way for what they believe in hiding behind the protection of liberty when it suits them and then disregarding all such principles as soon as the chance to strike at their opponents arises often doing both things simultaneously. Honestly it is disgusting. No wonder foreigners don’t take our ‘liberal principles’ seriously. It is all but an open fraud. In effect Erdogan was the only honest politician(and I use the term politician in the most broad and inclusive manner possible) when he said that democracy is a bus that he gets on to get to a destination and then gets off of when he has arrived there.

Edit: I wrote this blog in a bout of excessive cynicism but sometimes it does feel that way.