Dragonball Z Broly Movie vs Dragonball Super Broly Movie

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The old Dragon Ball Z movie is too fast paced but it gets a few things right that the Super movie does not. First of all it has blood in it and there is a genuine sense of danger with Vegeta being genuinely afraid of going against the Legendary Super Saiyan and they are only able to defeat Broly. Broly’s father too has a few moments too shine despite his evilness. The same goes for Broly himself who has been turned from an interesting fearful villain who regards his enemies as villains whereas the new Broly is a dumb goody-two-shoes with anger issues and a speech impediment. It’s like Toriyama can’t write an interesting evil character since the Cell saga.

Both Vegeta’s character and Freeza’s character have gone bad. Freeza wanting to become a bit taller with the dragon balls was a shameless ripoff of the Red Ribbon saga. Vegeta and the Saiyans in general have been degenerated from a proud warrior race to peasants with nuclear families and a protestant ethic. Bardock was really cringey but the most cringeworthy was Vegeta being rosy faced about wanting to save Bulma. It was impactful in the cell saga and then maybe a bit in the snore-inducing Buu saga when Vegeta sacrificed himself for those around him but now it feels so fake and gay to see him acting like the tragic proud prince of a dead warrior race whose only meaning in life left is his own strength. However this was what made him the most interesting character in DBZ and the perfect foil for the rootless fighting obsessed Goku. Watching him being humble at times at Goku’s strength was meaningful precisely because of his pride but now that that pride is gone he is just boring.

The 3D animation in the new film was so awful and so were the video-game first person shots from Broly’s perspective which revealed to me at once that Broly was just going to be just another discount Goku just like Vegeta has degenerated into.

Honestly the only relationship that is at least a bit interesting is that left between Goku and Freeza. Thankfully Freeza has spilled too much blood on screen to be recruited to Goku’s platonic harem just like Vegeta has been.

The only reason I checked out these was because of the Mic Mignogna case which was another situation where the culture-killing cancer known as feminism was being itself.

At this point you are more likely to get a better story for Dragon ball from all those games for consoles and that Dragon Ball MMO. I might still watch the dragonball super movies because I am sick of all the seasonal isekai trash.