On the Mostly Peaceful but Fiery Protest at the US Capitol

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The following is a comment I left on theBritisher's youtube channel.

 Is Britain nothing beside her Parliament? Can the two not be opposed to each other? As for the United States, it is not the same thing as the US Government.

The US government's sanctity was defaced. It deserved it. All means within the system have been exhausted. The left will still win because their side has loyalty. The right is full of people like you who have been kicked out of the left. The US government is not the US, the former's dignity was deservedly insulted. 

The Roman Senate became a joke too after it betrayed the Roman people too much. Maybe we need an Augustus, that is not just an orange boomer, someone younger like Octavious. Of course just because we need him that doesn't mean we will get him or deserve him. The American president, ideally, is an elected monarch, a real monarch, not a modern British monarch celebrity-figure head. That is what the people who vote at presidential elections expect without saying it but in truth the American president is today little more than a figure head. Your "temple of democracy" where no debate actually occurs is little more democratic than the late Bourbons or the dictatorship of the people. Tell me do you really feel in power in your "British democracy"?

You are a liberal, trying to be fair to your enemy, Lenin called people like you useful idiots for a reason. 

Yes, America is a rebel nation, you might find the founders had a thing or two to say in favour of armed insurrection, the real thing is not as pretty as the theoretical. Do you seriously think that only well-fed muscled men have fought in revolutionary conflicts? 

It doesn't matter to the left if there was election fraud or not, why should it matter to you? It doesn't matter what the moderate silent majority thinks, it is always a minority which guides the state eventually in any direction. Do you think you sound strong either? You sound like a woman. Nobody is trying to impress you. Do you think you are a woman who we ought to impress? Think again, you are an old sick man on medicines. Why should we or the left for that matter impress  old sick men like you as if you were a woman they were trying to court. No, the moderate silent majority have shown themselves to reliably do what the press and the intelligentsia tells them, over  and over again with a few exceptions. People like you are being stepped over by the left and even by the weak  right, do you really feel like you are in power? The right may be ridiculous with its Viking outfits and capslock tweets but aren't your liberal lot even beneath them in terms of action? All you do is impotently mock with a childish demeanour unbefitting your age as your side keeps on getting kicked by everyone and turned into dust everywhere. Do you think it was any less laughable when Sargon as a liberal couldn't even get elected to anything as a liberalist? Consider your own position before laughing at others.

The Chinese and the left do not care about democracy unless it helps them win, that is why they won. 

I was here since almost the start of your channel. As you say, it is true you have not changed, you and the rest of the boomer anti-sjws have refused to change which is why you continue to lose. 

Keep on blaming YouTube, the guy with the logic course doesn't seem to have the same problem as you, could it not possibly be that less people just find your content interesting because they have outgrown you? No, of course not it is Orange boomer's fault lol. If your content resonated with people then no matter what youtube did, people would seek for it and share it. Know your place.

 I have heard all you have to say and now you are just repeating yourself like a broken record. Try saying and thinking something new, maybe even read some of those heretical thinkers like Julius Evola. Your channel might get some views again.

 I am truly grateful for all the great content you have produced, again I was there almost from the start, but it is time to say goodbye.  Unsubscribed.