Why Beauty Paegants Should Be Just About Beauty

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@ルリ No, the result is that it won’t be clear whether the winners won just because of their looks or because of their contributions to society. If there is a contestant who contributed more but is ugly and another contestant who contributed less but is much more good looking then which one of the two should win? Also public shows of virtue encourage pretenders to gain more influence. It’s like how people lie about caring about society and will even do some charity work just to be able to say so in their university medical school application when in fact they would not choose medicine if it didn’t pay as it does.

I wrote this comment in response to a video about how beauty paegants in Japanese universities are being subverted by western leftwing intellectuals not to be about beauty at all in any meaningful sense but about “contributions to society” which means virtue signalling in a literal virtue signalling contest.