The Internet Killed Anime

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You are right [Luke Smith] when I didn’t have the internet I actually watched a lot more anime but now that I have the internet I am paralyzed by choice and I end up wasting my time watching “content creators” larping on youtube rather than watching anime.

Nowadays it takes me months if not years to watch a single anime whereas back when I didn’t have internet I would download many episodes at school/uni and then actually watch anime in holy peace rather than constantly be worried about the latest effortless turd by content creators.

I still remember the anime I watched all those years ago but I can barely remember anything from the hours of larping I have listened to on youtube today. The internet ruined anime and manga for me. Before I even had internet at college/uni I had to buy anime dvds, manga and vhs tapes.

I couldn’t know whether they were any good in advance unless someone told me irl and they were expensive so I couldn’t get many (I only got two manga volumes a month and a few dvds) but every manga volume I got felt like a precious artifact literally making its way into my hands from across the circumference of the earth.

Nowadays I can read as much manga as I like but none of it feels precious. Honestly I spend more time listening to people telling me that anime is trash and telling other people that anime is trash than actually watching anime. It’s like I am stuck in a hell of commentary where critics who create nothing bash those who put effort into anything hoping to induce a return of quality and a lost joy but only ever resulting in “safe” failures by artists who don’t want to anger the mob. Idk what I am saying but something feels wrong and the internet is connected to it.

For example before the internet watching anime felt like something special that only a select few in the know did so there was value in meeting other people who knew different things about anime.

It was exciting to actually talk to another weeb (and we spoke with reverence about anime unlike today’s worthless ironic weebs who say stuff like “anime is trash and so am I” just to get some Good Boy Points from normalf@gs and gaymers) but now there are so many internet weebs online that it no longer feels special to be a weeb.

Also if I want to know anything about anime I can just google it, why bother going through the risk of awkwardness by actually meeting other weaboos? Meeting in the flesh and bad smell of weebs no longer feels exciting because whatever info they have about anime it is not going to be as good as a literal google search. Seriously search engines ruined the internet.

I remember when people used to make tacky anime sites often called “shrines” on geocities for anime nobody cared about but which all contained unique information. There was also this huge anime web directory called anime web turnpike.

It had so many sites by fans of different anime, the directory was handmade with html and css and so were most of the anime sites full of actual info on the anime rather than just some blog about the webmaster masquarading shamelessly as an opinion piece on the anime series it is supposedly about (this is the reason there are literally no decent anime fansites today by individual webmasters rather highly moderated “user content” anime aggregator sites like MAL).

They did not expect anyone to read their site so they naturally talked about the anime they liked so much they made a site about rather than talking about themselves with bated breaths self-censoring themselves for the sake of appearing good on social media.

Maybe the only way to save anime is a web directory lol. Honestly my complete lack of enthusiasm for the evermore underwhelming new anime suggests that anime is already dead and beyond saving unless someone brings out some dragon balls or something equally unlikely in reality and literally out of some anime.