The Academy Will Win The Culture War

What did you expect?

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In the longterm the popular press does not matter, elections do not matter, the law does not matter, We the People certainly do not matter, the millitary does not matter, the secret police does not matter, art does not matter, the individual and his family have proven not to matter either. The only thing that matters is the academy, everything flows down from there.

Voting is only good for buying time by stalling the left but buying time for what? I don’t think there is any chance of democratically changing what the left has done because of demographics. The best chance we have is to emulate the left and create prestigious institutions of learning such as the Frankfurt school. All that matters is having the academy on your side because they are the filter to the cathedral and there will always be a cathedral. The bottom line is don’t have faith in the proles, they will disappoint you and don’t have faith in the elites popular among the proles either because then you are just following the easily led proles.

Not until we have created institutions to intellectually challenge the likes of Harward, MIT and Oxford at every field will we have the prestige to have a seat at the table of the cathedral.

People both from the elite and the proles must want to send their brightest children to our higher learning institutions over those of the left. Nothing else matters.