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A Little History About This Site

I know it is a shameful label according to the current zeitgeist of the internet but I think I am an individualist. At any rate I don't get along with online communities which is why I decided to set up my own personal site where I can say what I want without getting into useless arguments with others.

I have worked on and off on this website for much longer than I expected. Although I officially created this site on Sep 23, 2017, I didn't start actively working on this site until a couple of years later, even then I gave up on this site a few times for as long as 7 months in a row. This site is nothing to brag about, it barely gets a thousand views a day, but it is the online project I have put most work into so I am fond of it.

Honestly I am surprised that I haven't abandoned this site yet, and I will be even more surprised if I will have not abandoned this site in a couple of years. I am a very fickle man who can't be interested in one thing for a long time. In fact, a brief look around this site should reveal that I write about a lot of things because I can't just maintain my interest in one thing for too long.

About Myself

I was born in 1997 in a little picturesque town in Tuscany on the Italian peninsula. My parents were immigrants from some tea drinking, cricket playing third world democratic socialist island republic. My main interest is anime.

I have watched anime for as long as I remember, some of my earliest memories in life were watching anime. I moved across countries and continents but my interest did not waver and only has grown more intense each passing year.

These days I run a little podcast about anime and related topics. Do let me know if you want to join, as I am always looking for members for the podcast. As with this website there is no guarantee for how long I'll be able to keep posting but I have had a pretty good run.

My hobbies include cycling, guitar playing, and going to the gym, so I do sometimes write about these though I try to stick to anime since that's the focus of this site. I suppose YouTube is another fixation of my life, and so I do write my reactions on YouTubers I watch on my diaries.

I don't think these facts are important but since they might be of interest to some: I am of south asian descent, I am currently single and live somewhere in East (I guess?) Scotland.

I am an optimist but I prefer my optimism laced with pessimism (for flavour).

Why 'Otaking?'

Because I am not ashamed of being an Otaku. If anything I am constantly worried that I don't know enough about anime or haven't done enough (like learning Japanese) to call myself an Otaku. Having that said I don't group myself together with other people who call themselves Otaku. I have my own standards, and though I may look at others for ideas, I will be the final judge of my conduct.

Things That I Don't Like

Dead Writers Whom I Admire

There are people who are alive that I admire but people who are alive can and do change whereas the dead remain reliably the same. I wouldn't want to edit this list once I change my opinion of someone because of something they did or said.