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/a/ - Anime and Manga [top]

    haruhi suzumiya
  1. Newtypes in After War Gundam X
  2. Time of Eve Anime Review
  3. Gasaraki Anime Review
  4. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Review
  5. Rom-Com Anime Nostalgia: From Detective Conan to Please Teacher! and Please Twins!
  6. Re-watching GunBuster
  7. Berserk
  8. Evangelion Re-Take: An Asuka-fag’s fan comic
  9. Anime Music Playlist
  10. Otaku Dictionary [ABANDONED]
  11. Anime Quotes
  12. Why Season 2 of Re:Zero Sucks
  13. Dragonball Z Broly Movie vs Dragonball Super Broly Movie
  14. Why the Left and Right Hates Hentai
  15. Nominate ThatAnimeSnob as a Crunchyroll Awards Judge
  16. Based and Redpilled Loli-Detective Anime
  17. The Internet Killed Anime
  18. Boku Girl Manga: Tomboy’s Are Better than Onesans
  19. Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken Anime Movie Review
  20. Arion Anime Movie Review
  21. Reflections On the Craft of Reviewing Fiction and Reviewing Anime in Particular as Well
  22. Why do I watch Anime?
  23. Abenobashi Review
  24. The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
  25. Sundome by Kazuto Okada Manga Review
  26. Welcome to the NHK Manga, Anime and Light Novel Review And Comparison
  27. The End of Evangelion Movie Review
  28. Cowboy Bebop Anime Review
  29. Hyouka Anime Review
  30. Kaiba Anime Review
  31. Great Teacher Onizuka Manga + Anime + Live Action Review
  32. Tatami Galaxy Anime Review
  33. Ibitsu Manga Review
  34. Husky and Medley : A Yuri Manga Review
  35. Oyasumi Punpun Manga Review
  36. Paranoia Agent Anime Review
  37. Yuuki Shinjuurou: Character Analysis
  38. Yang Wenli: Character Analysis
  39. Yahari Ore and the Highschool Comedy Genre
  40. Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime Review
  41. Legend of the Galactic Heroes Quotes
  42. Kill la Kill Anime Review
  43. Time of Eve Anime Review
  44. Kino's Journey Anime Review
  45. Watamote Anime Review
  46. Zetsuen no Tempest Anime Review
  47. Un-Go Anime Review
  48. Otaking's Top 10 Anime
  49. Anime Rapist Villains Suck; Where have all the good villains gone?
  50. Top 10 Overrated Anime of All Time
  51. Rurouni Kenshin Manga Review
  52. Ufotable's Fate Unlimited Blade Works Adaptation

/g/ - Technology [top]

  1. Search Anime Personal Sites
  2. jsDice roller
  3. Re-assessing Copyleft vs Cuck Licenses
  4. Kissmanga Autofit Userscript[ABANDONED]
  5. Software I use
  6. Very Bacic Vim and Command-Line Stuff
  7. RPI MUDs are where dramas at
  8. Pros and Cons of neocities

/tg/ - Traditional Games Solo TTRPG [top]

  1. SOS Writing Group Session 1
  2. Mythic RPG Fate Chart
  3. Calculator
  4. Countdown Timer
  5. MUDs are the closest thing to Table-Talk RPGs
  6. Record of Lodoss War OVA, Basic Fantasy RPG, POSIX, Primitivism, and The Power Process
  7. My First TTRPG Characters
  8. Original Character - World History
  9. kara-settei - Original Character Design Page
  10. Solo RPG #1: First Combat
  11. Solo RPG #2: Lyndis
  12. Solo RPG #3: A Dwarf Thief
  13. Shinobigami Replay Review
  14. SoloRPG #4: First Dungeon
  15. SoloRPG #5: Loot
  16. SoloRPG #6: Wilderness Path
  17. SoloRPG #7: Halfling
  18. SoloRPG #8: Gnolls
  19. SoloRPG #9: Gnoll Encounter

/r9k/ - Personal [top]

    Yukino Yukinoshita
  1. Otaku Nikki - April 2022
  2. Yet Another Abandoned Anime Blog
  3. Otaku Diary [ABANDONED]
  5. Positive Thinking
  6. Yearly Plan 2017
  7. Status; Zer0
  8. Answering lolwut on my "strong desire to save the West despite being Sri Lankan"

/b/ - Random [top]

  1. Contemptuous NORP
  2. Article vs Online Diary
  3. How NOT to make a Video Essay
  4. Why So Serious?
  5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 9 Mega-Pixel Camera Review
  6. Guestbook
  7. Links
  8. Blog View Plus RSS Feed [ABANDONED]
  9. RSS Feeds
  10. A Sarcastic Git Who Is Right Sometimes (Short Story)
  11. To Sneed or Not To Sneed

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect Irrelevant [top]

  1. Art vs. Politics: Why I Have Stopped Watching the News & Political Commentary.
  2. Accusing the Accusers: Evola, Nietzche and Tomboy Abs
  3. Incomplete Views about Pornography and Sexuality
  4. The Academy Will Win The Culture War
  5. Lolberterian Freetardism: Antitrust is Cancer so Copyright is Cancer.
  6. The Absolute State of the Islamic World
  7. Talking With Chinese Nationalists
  8. What The US Owes The UK
  9. 4Chan Used to be Better
  10. Christianity is European
  11. France
  12. Nietzche Contra Rand
  13. Decentralised Parallel Institutions
  14. Orderly Dissolution of the United States into Its Component Parts
  15. Who is Exploited by Pornography?
  16. Why Beauty Paegants Should Be Just About Beauty
  17. Incels and Birthrates
  18. Traditionalism is the glorification of boredom
  19. A Final Solution To The Human Problem -Short Story-
  20. An Argument Against Anti-Natalism And A Question For Anti-Natalists
  21. God is Watching You
  22. On Pessimism in Political Discourse
  23. Nobody really cares about ‘liberalism’ and ‘democracy’ I am afraid
  24. No Man is an Island
  25. ‘It’s just a meme’ – Post-modern Reactionaries – The Alt-Right
  26. Moral Faggotry (or Virtue-Signalling)
  27. IQ
  28. An Apologia for Human Life. (Should you bring a child into this world full of suffering?)
  29. Femininity
  30. Masculinity
  31. Beauty is (not) in the eye of the beholder
  32. Stereotypes
  33. Loli Holocaust
  34. Why Can't the Left Meme?
  35. Community
  36. Sexual Objectification
  37. Libertarianism
  38. Atheism.exe has stopped working.
  39. MGTOW
  40. Abortion and Other Socially Acceptable Forms of Murder
  41. Trouble with Blogs
  42. George Orwell: Futuro di una Germania in Rovina
  43. Genes
  44. “His Feelings Aren’t Worth My Rights Being Stripped”
  45. Orwell’s World of Little Fat Men
  46. On the Mostly Peaceful but Fiery Protest at the US Capitol
  47. Chatting with an American liberal in Germany Part 1
  48. Chatting with an American liberal in Germany Part 2
  49. Traditionalist Pereniallism: The Larp Who Larpeth, Copeth but Not Faileth
  50. Talking With A Socialist

/lit/ - Non-Otaku Literature [top]

  1. To Live is to Fall [Poem]
  2. Ango Sakaguchi's Under the Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom (1947)
  3. George Orwell: A Life in Letters
  4. Kokoro Re-visited
  5. The Setting Sun" by Osamu Dazai Book Review
  6. Darakuron: A Thesis on Decadence by Ango Sakaguchi
  7. Will to Power And Nothing Besides!
  8. Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima Book Review
  9. The Defenders of Pop Culture vs High Culture 
  10. Why I am Against Copyright
  11. Can Fiction Be Anti-Escapist?
  12. What is The Purpose of Fiction?
  13. My Experience Writing Fiction vs. Writing Non Fiction
  14. Persepolis Movie Review
  15. Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man by Christopher Hitchens Book Review
  16. The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain De Botton Book Review
  17. Kokoro by Natsume Soseki Book Review
  18. No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai Book Review
  19. Mother of Learning Web Novel Review
  20. Review of The Douchebag Bible by T J Kirk (The Amazing Atheist)
  21. A Review of Angela Carter’s “The Company of Wolves”
  22. Sunk Cost Fallacy Blogging

/tv/ - Non-Japanese Television & Film [top]

  1. Barry Lyndon: Kubrick's Rejection of Progress
  2. Twin Peaks Season 1 Review
  3. Universe Now By Zarathustra's Serpent Amazon.co.uk
  4. Withnail & I Review
  5. Lord of The Rings Triology Review
  6. Universe Now: How The Marvel Cinematic Universe Changed Our World by Zarathustra' Serpent (Arad Alper)"

/jp/ - Otaku Culture [top]

  1. Shūji Terayama’s Throw Away Your Books, And Rally in The Streets Movie Review
  2. Added Welcome to the NHK Novel Review
  3. Japanese Flashcards
  4. Sword World RPG Interview : The Most Popular Japanese Table-Top RPG
  5. Love & Pop to 1998 Hideaki Anno Film Review
  6. Pros and Cons of Learning Japanese
  7. Suicide Club and 12 Suicidal Children
  8. Slum Online by Hiroshi Sakurazaka Light Novel Review
  9. Gekkou Light Novel Review
  10. Pantheon of Waifus
  11. All About Lily Chou Chou by Shunji Iwai Film Review

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